The Ramping Up of Medical Terror and Totalitarian ‘Covid’ Measures

“I don’t believe in government. I hate politics. I’m against it. And I hope that sometime this fall, we can destroy part of our government, and next year destroy even more of it. The less government, the happier I will be.”

~ Ray Bradbury, interview With Rachel Goldstein, August 23, 2010.

Without rulers, there would be no totalitarian rule. There would be no lockdowns. There would be no mandates. There would be no forced medical martial law. There would be no forced isolation. There would be no theft by taxation. There would be no unlimited printing of money to enrich the evil and to bribe the proletariat. There would be no fake ‘virus pandemic.’ There would be much less death and destruction. With government out of the way, there would be joy and happiness instead of hatred and tyranny. Government is a cult, and in all its forms evil, so any lessening of government could only mean a lessening of evil.

As predicted, the temporary calm of the summer is over, and as fall approaches, so does more tyranny in the form of oppression, threats, mandates, and extreme fear mongering propaganda. The ‘Covid’ lie continues, but with renewed vigor and vehement authoritarian control measures being planned and implemented nationwide.

This is especially evident in the realm of what is ludicrously called ‘health care’ in the most obese and one of the unhealthiest developed nations on earth. We live in a fascist/socialistic system in which most every citizen falsely ‘believes’ that he has a right to ‘free’ medical care. While this thinking is absurd, it is due to many decades of indoctrination, ‘health’ dependency legislation, and control by the few and their pawns in government, the medical system, the private and government insurance companies, including the communistic Medicare and Medicaid scams. Most of society is fully dependent on the state in one manner or another for most all medical services. This dependence has effectively made slaves of its citizens.

Then last year, the ‘Covid’ plot was let loose on this society, and hell came with it. We now live in an era of terrorism; not terrorism attacks from afar, but from within, at the hands of what is incorrectly considered by the masses to be ‘their’ government. It is no such thing. With this much state power over health decisions, hospitalization, medicine, prescription drugs, ‘vaccines,’ and who is to get care and who is not, the abiding public is left at great risk. Because of the falsely claimed ‘pandemic,’ all manner of restrictions for care are imminent, and so-called emergency status protocols across this nation will be used to deny care to many of those most in need, especially those groups who are considered less important by the state. That includes the old and infirmed, the sick, those with mental disabilities, certain ethnic groups, the vulnerable children, the poor, all those that are considered to be a drain on the economic system, and finally all those that refuse to accept the mainstream narrative, and refuse to comply with the draconian “Covid’ mandates issued by the ruling class and their partners.

The more intelligent unvaccinated will be blamed for all the pretended ills of society. The pressure to take this poisonous injection will be greatly ramped up, and enforcement will become more aggressive. Concerning health and medical care, those unvaccinated and unwilling to obey the asinine ‘Covid, rules, will be refused care and necessary surgeries, vital medical procedures, medicine, and admittance to the hospital system. This will just be the beginning of the war against dissenters and the weak. In fact, this is already happening.

Idaho just announced that it may use “Crisis Care” for ‘Covid patients. State officials across the country are “pleading” with the public to get ‘vaccinated’ against Covid-19, not because anyone is sick, but because “cases surge once again.” Threats from the Idaho governor, Brad Little, have allowed the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to warn (threaten) that health care rationing could happen in less than two weeks. If so, there would be a priority list for those seeking care; an order of care as to who would be first and who would be last. Children up to 17 years, and late term pregnant women (over 28 weeks) would be considered priority, and all adults classified by age would be last to receive care. The oldest of course would be left to die.

It is no secret that many patients across this country have been turned away, and not given care or not received necessary surgeries, all due to the excuse that people with ‘Covid’ have filled all the hospital beds. But the truth of the matter tells a different story, as hospitals continued to close during this orchestrated panic, while mass furloughs and layoffs at those still open were common and broad-based. All of this was blamed on the lie of losing money due to ‘Covid’ filling up the hospitals, while actually, the medical centers received huge amounts of additional money for all ‘Covid’ patients. If this sounds as stupid to you as it does to me, congratulations for having the ability to think and see through the deceit.

Last year will pale in comparison in my opinion to what is coming. Sickness and death will greatly escalate due not to anything claimed to be ‘Covid’ or ‘Covid’ variants, but due to the many tens of millions that have voluntarily taken these toxic injections. When this happens, the ability to access ‘health care’ for those truly in need will become a difficult task. Plotted triage measures will become commonplace, as ‘virus’ propaganda will rage. Blame will be placed on all those opposed to the “Covid’ plot, and those who refuse to get the injection, allowing the criminal medical system to allocate treatment and surgery, or flatly refuse care based on ‘vaccine’ status.

This will of course, also lead to more lockdowns of the unvaccinated, elimination or limited access to life-sustaining needs and products, threats of fines and incarceration, enforcement brutality, and medical martial law.

Things are going to get very ugly, very soon. I believe that multiple false flag events are planned, and could be in our near future. I also think the ramping up of draconian measures are set to be released within the next few weeks, maybe even as soon as the 9/11 anniversary mess. There are certainly indications and telegraphing of terror tactics against the people by not only this government, but others around the globe. The timing of events leading into the 9/11 anniversary and the fall and winter ‘flu’ seasons are not accidental, including the fiasco in Afghanistan. As I have said many times, absolutely nothing the government does is accidental, it is not natural or organic; it is always planned in advance. What is going on now, and what will happen in the coming weeks and months is already in the works, and has been all along.

Those of us who will never take this poison mislabeled as a ‘vaccine,’ those of us who will never wear a mask, and those of us who continue to expose this fraudulent ‘pandemic’ for what it really is, a scam, will be heavily targeted in the future. We will be blamed for all the ills of society, denied medical care, refused service, and condemned by the mainstream media, the political class, and all the perpetrators of this deadly fraud.

In the face of extreme tyranny, it is imperative to remain defiant, to disobey, to dissent, and to stand together in order to protect life and liberty. Anything less will only lead to serfdom.

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