The State Is Not Accurately Reporting Influenza To Reflect Reality

On December 28 of 2020 two members of my office team of six tested positive for Influenza type-A. The entire office was tested for both Influenza A + B, as well as SARS-CoV2 [exposure] via rapid antigen nasal swab tests, after a coworker tested positive for exposure to SARS-Cov2. The doctor’s office where we tested, per paid office appointment, did not offer a SARS-CoV2 only test, only the combo test. The county where the tests were conducted (the same as where all team members reside) has not had any positive tests reported via SCDHEC [South Carolina] since December 28, 2020 to the current date. While I prefer the State apparatus to not have access to our private healthcare info, I also believe the Influenza numbers are being greatly underreported. The underreporting does help the commies’ mask(s) narrative(s). While some with exposure to coronaviruses, rhinoviruses, etc. are not becoming symptomatic for a flu strain, I believe others are symptomatic- and the numbers are not being reported in the same fashion as recent years pre-2020. Areas with minimal faces covered are reporting low on influenza positivity, not only in tyrannical zones.

“The Flu” has not died, in my humble opinion.

It is being reported that a collection of all the world’s Sars-CoV-2 particles can fit in 1/2 a soda can. The towers of tyranny employing intellectual frauds, that like to show how large particles are blocked by masks, haven’t answered the questions regarding viral particles being too small for detection without specialized microscopic examination. I believe masks are being used by some employers and organizations for insurance liabilities, among other reasons (e.g., propagandized, fear, etc.)- others plain cowardice.

I would say this:

Thank you for Around December 2019, I put my mother on vitamin D3, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, electrolyte water, and a multivitamin to help with her crippled immune system- being compromised from previous black mold (aspergillus) exposure. In 2020, for the first time in approx. six years, her blood panel test in Q3 came back as optimal across the board. is a true gift for us all who take advantage of its free availability.

Here is what I have for a basic immune supplemental protocol for regular maintenance, depending on weight and current blood levels:

Vit. D3: 4,000IU-10,000IU daily + sunlight (if not prohibited by health conditions or geographical restraint)

Vit C: 500mg-2000mg (200lbs+ man: 500mg x 4 or 1g x 2) ; with symptoms: 5g on day 1, 3-5g days 2-3, followed by 2-5g/day to finish two weeks, then back to 500mg-2000mg/day

Magnesium: 250-500mg (before bed)

Zinc 15mg-40mg (upper range), with a target of 30mg; 50mg if symptomatic of illness, in an immune compromised state (if physician recommended), or the product is too weak (causing a lack of full uptake)

Selenium within a Multi or dietary (e.g., brazil nuts) Trader Joes; ;

Melatonin 1.5-3mg before bed (if desired)

B1 (Within a B-Complex)

Nutrient Hearty Eating (which should cover quercetin, unless extra supplementation is recommended by one’s doctor)

Electrolyte Water

Daily Sunlight, or at least 10,000 lux light box for adequate exposure

A quality probiotic, if desired

Maintaining a optimal weight range & body fat level, along with regular exercise

I would also recommend being around others, especially and intentionally for believers, for building each other up in the faith and not neglecting the assembly of the saints. 1000 EPA + 500 DHA would be of benefit as well. ; Proverbs 21:4; Hebrews 11:6; 1 Thessalonians 5:11; Hebrews 10:25

I recommend higher starting doses of Vit. D3 and adequate sunlight exposure for anyone below the optimal range of approx. 60-80ng/ml. For anyone in the danger zone for D3 levels, I would recommend 120,000IU for a one time dose or 50,000IU X 3 for the first three days, followed by 20,000IU for the next four days of the first week of supplementation. I would recommend anyone near 0ng/ml to get tested asap after the first week to see if their levels are getting up to the target range- no need to wait six weeks taking 4,000IU-5,000IU only. For anyone already at 60ng/ml, the 4,000-5000IU during a heavy cold/flu season/winter would be a baseline daily target, especially if immune compromised. If I were to have 100 men at 200+lbs asking what dosage I would recommend during a cold/flu/coronavirus season, I would suggest doses of sunlight and up to 10,000IU per day (so all would potentially have adequate coverage).

For believers, who are seeking wisdom and counsel each day, I highly recommend a daily Bible reading plan, along with daily time in prayer. Being Protestant, I recommend Jay Adams’ Christian Counselor’s Commentary Series, as well other resources found at ; ; ; ;

Of course, I also recommend, ; ;

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