The US Housing Bubble Visualized

Take a look at what the FED’s manipulation of interest rates has done to housing prices.  The chart below is from the data on their own website.  It’s in real dollars and the indices synch perfectly.  The USA is currently in the biggest housing bubble of all time.  A “correction” in the stock market will bring down housing also.  It’s going to be a mess.  And it could have been avoided if only there was “honest” money management at the FED.

I also downloaded the data and added a regression line for the Case Shiller Index.  It’s just another way to visualize the bubble we’re in.  I’ve given up on buying a house now because I don’t want to own a property that will be significantly underwater when housing corrects.  There’s no way that “normal” inflation can explain these prices.  It’s all been done by the dishonest policies of the FED serving their own interests and their banking clients.

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