There Are Over One Million Illegitimate Votes In Three States Alone That Woud Give the Election to President Trump If Addressed

There are over one million votes in three swing states that when addressed will give the election to President Trump.

Yes this is true.  Big Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, the Democrat Party and China won’t tell you this but this is indeed true.  There are more than enough votes that when addressed properly will give the election to President Trump.  The question is, will there be enough courageous politicians to recognize this and the true winner of the 2020 election.


We’ve reported over the past few weeks how the Supreme Court in Wisconsin deemed more than 200,000 ballots illegitimate in the 2020 election.  These ballots are estimated to be heavily for Joe Biden and invalid.  Removing the majority of these illegitimate ballots from the Biden gang will place the state solidly in the Trump column.

Will Wisconsin Officially Move Their Electoral College Votes to President Trump After 200,000 Mostly Biden Votes Were Ruled Illegitimate?


Georgia has nearly half a million ballots that are illegitimate per the election law in the state.  Again, these ballots most all are in the Biden column.  They are illegitimate per state law.  We have no idea where they came from, who touched them, and the chain of custody that eventually allowed them to be counted.  Removing these illegitimate ballots will easily move Georgia to the Trump column.  (This situation has likely occurred in the other swing states as well.)

Georgia Has 460,000 Absentee Ballots Still Missing Custody Documentation Required by Law – Will Georgia Move to Trump Column as a Result?


We reported this past week that the state of Pennsylvania reported 200,000 more votes than voters.  Moving these from the state’s tallies would most likely move the state to the Trump column.

Pennsylvania Reported 200,000 More Ballots Cast than People Who Voted – Will The State Now Legitimately Go to the Trump Column?

In addition, there currently is a case held up in the Supreme Court where the state allowed hundreds of thousands of ballots to be counted even though they were not turned in until after 8pm on election day, which is the state law.  Once this case is finally adjudicated, Pennsylvania would easily fall into the Trump column.

There are similar situations in the other swing states.  But addressing the above items alone would place more electoral college votes in the Trump column than in the Biden camp as we’ve noted before (see number 5):

The courts and state governments have prevented the true results of the 2020 election from being unveiled.  Big Media and Big Tech won’t report and of this as well, but it doesn’t matter.

The truth is the truth and Americans know President Trump won the 2020 election.

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