Those Silly Russians

So Sergey Lavrov, one of the world’s few remaining corner-stones of logic and reason among the globe’s overwhelming majority of political pipsqueaks — looking uncharacteristically troubled these days — gets up in front of the cameras and actually addresses this latest cockamamie novichok “use of chemical weapons” farce.

This is the one involving what most rational observers consider the thoroughly ludicrous poisoning claim made by Russian gad-fly, embezzler, would-be politician and bail-jumper Alexei Navalney and inexplicably taken up by NATO and the governments of England and Germany.

Lavrov says, “Ok, where’s the evidence? You make these accusations, but where’s the proof? Show us the evidence you’re basing this on.

But, of course, they can’t. Many other Russian commentators, even Putin himself, echo this quaint complaint because this modern “accusation without visible proof or evidence” practice has now become the avant garde rule.

To us well-conditioned Westerners, that sounds like, “We did it but you can’t prove it.” Because we know that our Western government MSM spokes-pieces, bureaucrats and sundry elected liars — once elected, they never lie again — don’t need proof or evidence. Since they’re accomplished prevaricators — and clairvoyant and talented practitioners of RTV (Remote Technical Viewing) to boot — they don’t need any of that old fashioned stuff.

They just need a fetching narrative — OK, pretty much any narrative at all — no matter how implausible, ridiculous, trivial or self-contradictory. See, that’s a lot safer than actually doing a real investigation where you would likely prove yourself wrong and look stupid. And narratives are a lot cheaper too.

Besides they figure that’s good enough for us government-schooled citizens, which is a very positive thing because, including Pre-K, after 14 years of government-form schooling with its hidden curriculum we don’t trust our own minds and can’t think for ourselves anymore anyway.

So the Russians go prattling on about logic, reason, proof and evidence as if that matters anymore. Silly Russians.


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