Thousands Of Olympics Ticket Buyers Have Personal Info Leaked Online

Thousands Of Olympics Ticket Buyers Have Personal Info Leaked Online

If you bought tickets to the Tokyo Olympics, you may want to change your passwords.

On Wednesday, a government official speaking on condition of anonymity revealed that thousands of login IDs and passwords of ticket buyers for the Paralympic events were leaked online, as well as the login credentials for those who had used a volunteer portal for the Summer Games, according to Kyodo News.

Meanwhile – said ticket holders going to be unable to attend the actual events due to coronavirus restrictions, angering local officials over the decision to move forward with the event.

As The Sun notes:

There is a growing backlash in the city over the Olympic Games getting the green light to continue.

And there is huge anger over foreign athletes, dignitaries and media being allowed to attend despite the capital being in a state of emergency.

Our stars have been warned to follow protocols and told to ‘not visit restaurants that are open after 8pm or that serve alcohol’.

It comes after organisers highlighted reports of accredited personnel for the Games being spotted drinking in downtown areas or violating quarantines.

Chiefs said the reports ‘have the potential to severely damage the reputation of the Tokyo 2020 Games and your organisations’.

Local concern in Tokyo is mounting over staging the Games.

Tens of thousands of foreign athletes, officials and journalists could accelerate infection rates and introduce more infectious variants.

And in a survey published by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, over half of the Japanese public do not want the Games to go ahead.

According to a Asahi Shimbun poll, 68 percent of Japanese respondents doubt that the Games can be held “safe and secure”, a promise repeatedly made by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and the IOC.

The ticket sale fiasco is just the latest mishap plaguing the Olympics – as dozens of athletes and others involved in the games have tested positive for COVID-19, breaking the venue’s so-called ‘bubble’ designed to protect against the disease, with several participants pulling out of the games. Meanwhile, the Olympics lost its largest sponsor this week, Toyota, which announced it wouldn’t attend the opening ceremony either.

And in the last bit of bad luck for the games, a BEAR was spotted at the Fukushima softball venue – the first event of the games, according to The Sun, which notes that “Officers have confirmed that they had been unable to track down the giant beast – which has been identified as an Asian black bear.”

Tyler Durden
Wed, 07/21/2021 – 20:20

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