Thousands Of TikTokers Have “Project X” Style Party In Huntington Beach

Thousands Of TikTokers Have “Project X” Style Party In Huntington Beach

What started as a birthday party in Huntington Beach, California, quickly descended into chaos over the weekend. 

A TikTok video promoting a birthday party went viral, and thousands of people showed up on the beach and in the streets Saturday night. Riot police were called as the unruly crowd launched fireworks and threw rocks and bottles. An emergency curfew was implemented through early Sunday with 150 arrests. 

A TikTok post (now taken down) called Adrian’s Kickback by user “adrian.lopez517” swelled to more than 2,500 people on Saturday night. In the days before the meetup, the post went absolutely viral, gaining more than 200 million views on the app. 

The post read: “Date:may 22nd, Time:7:30pm, BYOE!! Slide thru this Saturday we finna turn up!! !!” 

Police arrested 150 people Saturday night. Jennifer Carey, a police spokesperson, told NBC Los Angeles that the charges ranged from vandalism to failure to disperse to curfew violations to launching dangerous/illegal fireworks. 

Some guy named Adrian posted about some kick back he was having on tik tok and it went viral just look up Adrian’s kick back theres tons of videos

— Trevor Norris (@trevor_norris0) May 23, 2021

Some bottles, one firework and a glow in the dark frisbee thrown towards the police. More less lethals (mostly pepper bullet munitions) into crowd. #adrianskickback

— Sean Carmitchel (@ACatWithNews) May 23, 2021

Lol TikTok took the video down. Last night at Adrians kickback in Huntington Beach #adrianskickback #Cali

— Jeryn (@GizmoJA) May 23, 2021

Huntington Beach Police Department was well aware of the prospects of the party: 

As is the case with ALL large gatherings in #HuntingtonBeach, we have taken steps to prepare for a potential increase in visitors this weekend due to a promoted gathering that has received significant interest on social media.

Then by early Sunday morning, the police department declared an emergency curfew in an attempt to disperse the crowd. 

Unlawful assembly has been declared in #HuntingtonBeach due to unruly crowds. An emergency curfew has been put into place effective 5/22 at 11:30pm through 5/23 at 5:30am for all individuals within the downtown area.

TikTokers were trying to leave their mark on Huntington Beach – in a very similar way to the 2012 movie “Project X” where a couple of teens threw an unforgettable party that spiraled out of control.

Tyler Durden
Mon, 05/24/2021 – 20:10

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