Top Condom Maker Expects Sales To Shoot Up As Lockdowns Ease

Top Condom Maker Expects Sales To Shoot Up As Lockdowns Ease

Lockdown restrictions are being lifted worldwide, including in the U.K., South Africa, and Switzerland, among other countries, which has been a positive sign for the world’s largest condom-maker. 

Karex Berhad, a Malaysian condom manufacturer, responsible for 20% of the world’s condom production, wrote in a filing Monday that increased vaccination rates, easing economic restrictions, and societies returning to normal will drive increased social interactions, therefore demand for its condoms and lubricants, according to a business and investment weekly journal called The Edge Media Group

Months after the virus pandemic struck. The company warned that the disruption of complex supply chains and factory shutdowns would produce “devastating” consequences, such as a condom shortage. Though one never materialized, Karex reported sales plunged as much as 40% during lockdowns. Now, the company has ramped up production to near capacity at two plants, one in Malaysia and the other in Thailand.  

The current condom recovery could be a proxy for the world returning to normal as hotels, casinos, resorts, and sexual wellness centers reopen. Also, demand could increase as people return to bars and online dating apps

A recovery in condom demand comes as commodity prices rise and freight costs soar, which the company plans to pass on to consumers. 

Meanwhile, Americans are having a lot less sex as they find pleasure with online pornography on a weekly basis. One shocking poll found that 42% of Americans would have sex with a robot — guess no condom is needed there. 

… and just wait until the metaverse takes off, you won’t need one there. 

Tyler Durden
Wed, 02/23/2022 – 05:45

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