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Trans Activist Owner Of Miss Universe Pageant Goes Bankrupt One Year After Purchase

Trans Activist Owner Of Miss Universe Pageant Goes Bankrupt One Year After Purchase

Get woke, go broke strikes again? 

A year ago the Miss Universe Pageant made headlines after a Thai business tycoon, transgender activist and biological male named Jakapong Jakrajutatip purchased the organization for $20 million.  The CEO is the biggest shareholder of JKN Global Group and was made popular after appearing on Thai versions of television shows such as Shark Tank and Project Runway.  

Now known as “Anne” Jakrajutatip, the new pageant owner raised eyebrows when he declared himself the “first female owner” of Miss Universe, and gave a speech at the event about “female empowerment.”  Critics noted that Jakrajutatip is actually not a woman and knows nothing of female empowerment, but in the midst of the woke movement’s war on biological reality the first casualties are words and their meanings.  


The acquisition of Miss Universe was widely applauded by the political left, but it is just one of many attempts by activists to supplant natural beauty standards and undermine pageants, which they view as “sexist” organizations catering to men.  Ironically, these pageants are now stacking their competitions with men posing as women and giving them awards.   For example, the Miss Netherlands competition recently gave the crown to a biological man over a long list of female contestants.  It would seem you don’t need to be attractive to win a beauty contest anymore, you just need to be at the top of the woke totem pole.

And let’s not forget Victoria Secret’s suspension of its famous “Angels” runway show three years ago.  The event, known for its revealing lingerie on some of the most beautiful models in the world, tried to deconstruct its own brand by creating a new show that included a lumbering brigade of plus-size women and trans models.  Ratings and revenues plummeted and the company now says it plans to “bring back sexy” in the next year, essentially admitting that woke is not sexy and does not sell.

Jakapong Jakrajutatip is making a similar discovery as JKN Global Group filed for bankruptcy protection in Thailand after missing a payment on a debenture tranche on Sept. 1, triggering cross-defaults on six others.  JKN’s business model relied heavily on content programming, which was boosted by covid lockdowns and captive audiences throughout Asia.  With the lockdowns gone, the company is now in the hole for almost $200 million.  

For Miss Universe, however, the problems go deeper, with an insider judge for the pageant revealing that outrage over the trans controversy has damaged the brand Ratings for the 2023 show which includes two trans contestants are expected to decline substantially.

Trans involvement in women’s venues is meeting increasing resistance as real women finally begin to realize that they are being replaced by men within their own competitions in a virtue signaling free-for-all.  While one should never underestimate the average progressive woman’s propensity for self sabotage, it would seem that resistance to the trans ideology is expanding well beyond conservative spheres. 

Tyler Durden
Fri, 11/17/2023 – 18:00

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