Transcript of RFK Speech

Transcription of RFK JR Speech given at NVICC Rally
St Petersburg. FL Jan 12, 2020



Thank you, Morgan. Thank you all for being here. Does this work? Yeah. So Morgan with talking about how I got into this. Which was I got dragged kicking and screaming into it. I run the biggest Water Protection Group in the world, we have water keeper lines, we have 350 patrol boats patrolling local waterways all over the United States, off in 46 other countries litigating against polluters. We have many here in Florida and I was in a process of litigating. Against about 40 Coal burning power plants and cement kilns in the provinces of Canada and the United States on the behalf of water keepers because the mercury was coming from those facilities and getting into fish. In 2003 FDA did a study that showed every freshwater fish in America was contaminated with dangerous levels of mercury and that we were living in a science fiction nightmare. For my children and the children of every other American, can now no longer engaged in the seminal primal activity of American youth, which is to go fishing with their father and mother in the local fishing hole and then come home and safely eat the fish. Because these coal companies had literally privatized a public resource and stolen it from the people of our country.

And we were suing them at that point and we were trying working on legislation in Canada, and the United States, and I was speaking around the country on these issues and these women kept coming and you guys know what they look like, a lot of you’re here. They started coming up to me after my talk and saying in a respectful but vaguely scolding way “If you’re really interested in mercury exposure and concerned about mercury exposures to children you need to look at vaccines.” And it’s something I didn’t want to do it was way out of my wheelhouse. But one of these ladies came up to Cape Cod where I was staying the summer. And she dropped a huge pile of science studies and peer reviewed studies on my front doorstep in a little bungalow where I was staying and she said she was a psychologist from Minnesota, called Sarah Bridges. She said and her son had gotten autism from a vaccine, this was back before Hannah Poling, the vaccine court had awarded them 20 million dollars. And she was now sticking up for other children. She said I’m not going to leave here, until you read this science and I’m very comfortable reading science by that time in my career. I had bought over 500 successful legal actions and polluters on the Hudson and elsewhere most all of those lawsuits had followed some kind of scientific controversy.

So, I needed to be able to let read Science and to be comfortable with it and to be able to read it critically as something that doctors don’t do. The evidence says the study has a problem because the control group was too small, or whatever. And by the time I half-way through, I recognized that there was a huge delta between what the public health agencies and the pharmaceutical companies were saying about the safety of vaccines. And what the peer reviewed published science saying, And I started doing what I started calling people who know what they’re talking about, the leaders in the field. And I called Frances Coleen and Tony Phalgee. My family is the deeply involved in the area of intellectual disabilities now for almost 100 year. And my uncles and my father wrote the Americans with Disabilities Act, and virtually all the other legislation that gave rights to people, the children with disabilities. My uncle Teddy was the Chair of the Senate Health Committee for almost 50 years. Oh, my family was deeply embedded with these public health regulators.

I was able to get them on the phone quite quickly and I talked to Mary McCormick, who was head of IOM. And I talked to Kathleen Trapton who is the Chief Staff of IOM. All of them directed me to the guy that they said he knows more about vaccines then anybody in America, all of it and I ended up talking to him. And I caught all of them on to lying to me and the principal lie that I caught them lying about was, I would ask them the essential dilemma at that time, which is how can CDC help advise women, every woman in this country to not eat tuna fish when you’re pregnant, cause it has a mercury and at the same time recommend that they take a flu shot that was loaded with all fullest dose of mercury that were 100 times the limit.


And then I knew a lot about the science and Paul often told me at one point, he said Bobby in his patronizing way. He said, “There are two kinds of mercury, there’s a good mercury and there’s a bad mercury.” And I knew at that point that his argument was with the periodic tables, it wasn’t with me cause there is no such thing as a good mercury. He tried to explain to me that ethyl mercury in vaccines is excreted very quickly on the human body, but I cited to him a study that NIH actually did specifically on that subject. It’s called the Burbacher study, where they gave a lot of tuna fish sandwiches to a group of macaque monkeys and they gave injections of thimerosal to another group. And it was true, when they looked at the blood 54 days later, the macaques who ate the tuna fish still had mercury in their blood. And when they looked at the blood of the monkeys who got thimerosal shots, it was gone within a week. Well, they said it’s proof it leaves your body quickly.

And a lot of people and pediatrics published that study. A lot of really brilliant scientists have written letters to them saying, “Wait a minute, what happened to the mercury?” Cause Dr. Pichichero who did that study, the CDC scientist, couldn’t find it. He looked in the fecal material of those monkeys, he looked in the sweat, he looked in the urine, he looked in the fingernails, he looked in the hair. He could not find it. And when they cut the monkeys up, killed the monkeys and cut them up, what he found is that it had all gone to the brains. And the reason it disappeared quickly from the blood stream was because the ethyl mercury in vaccines crosses the blood-brain barrier much more easily than ethyl mercury in fish, and when it gets to the brain it stays there forever. And it metabolizes very quickly, this is what Dr. Burbacher found, into organic mercury which the most toxic form of mercury and its stays there for decades.

One study that shows 27 years later it was still in the brains. And at one point in my conversation with Dr. Offit he knew he was lying, and he knew that I knew he was lying. And there was a long period of silence. And I have by that time I was taking the precaution of taping the conversations that I had. And at some point, in the very near future I hope to play that recording again for Dr. Offit, a sworn deposition and get him to explain himself under oath.


Four companies that make all 72 of the vaccinations that are now mandated for our children, America’s children, are all convicted felons. They’re not only convicted felons once; they are serial felons. Their business plan relies on them regularly committing felonies. And over the past 10 years alone, those four companies have paid over $35 billion in penalties, fines, damages from lying to doctors, for defrauding regulators, for falsifying science, for lying to the American public and for killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Merck is the biggest vaccine manufacturer in our country and before it developed the… Before it got its monopoly on the MMR and before it forced the HPV Gardasil vaccine down our throats, it was… Its blockbuster drug was Vioxx until 2006. Vioxx killed 500,000 Americans. It was… Merck marketed it as a headache pill knowing that it caused heart attacks, but it didn’t tell anybody. And in discovery we got hold of their spreadsheets, well the bean counters at Merck said, “We know that there’s going to be hundreds of thousands of people who die if this pill is successful as we hope it will be, but even if they all sue us we will still make more money than if we don’t go to market with it. So they knew from their clinical trials it was going to kill half a million people and they didn’t tell anybody.

And most of those people, I would have to guess, that if they were told that by Merck, that they would have taken an aspirin for their headache. They wouldn’t have taken the Vioxx, but they didn’t have informed choice because Merck was lying to them. Now it requires a kind of cognitive dissonance. Every Democrat in that state legislature in Tallahassee, and every Democrat in Congress and throughout our country, every Democratic leader, knows about the power of the pharmaceutical industry. They know that they’re corrupt, they know that they are homicidal, they know that they are conniving and they’re greedy, and they’ll tell you that to your face every time. Nobody defends them, and somehow, they are able to entertain this bizarre, Kafkaesque, Orwellian cognitive dissonance, where they can tell themselves yes, they’re cheating, lying, and killing with every other medical device and every pharmaceutical product they have, except vaccines.

With vaccines, they found Jesus and they wouldn’t lie about it. And by the way, vaccines are the only place they can never get caught. Because of VICA, you can’t sue them. So, no matter how negligent the company or malicious, or malevolent, no matter how grievous the injury to your child, no matter how toxic the ingredients, you cannot sue them. And with all of those other payments and penalties that were paid by these companies, these four companies, over the past 10 years, the only way they got caught is that private attorneys sued that company on behalf of an injured patient who was injured by Vioxx or one of their other drugs and then during the discovery process stumbled across documents that showed not only were they breaking the civil law, but they were also breaking the criminal laws. So, they took those documents and they walked them down to the US attorney’s office and they said, “You should prosecute them.” And that’s how they ended up paying $35 billion.

The only place that can never happen is with vaccines cause nobody’s ever… There are no class action suits, there are no personal injury suits, there is no mass tort litigation, there are no depositions, there are no… There is no discovery, there’s no document searches, there’s nothing. Everything is in a lockbox and it will never get out. Even if it does get out, it can’t be prosecuted. So, they have zero incentive to make vaccines safe. And I don’t know why so many Americans walking out there thinking that somehow this is okay. People who say they believe in free market capitalism and I say, “You believe that markets keep people honest, there are no markets here. You believe that the law, legal consequences keep people honest, there are no legal consequences here.” They have a profound and overwhelming incentive to lie, cheat, poison our children, and why would they ever do anything different? Are you relying on their moral ballast? Cause they don’t have any. They’ve shown that again and again and again.

By the way, when Merck got caught for Vioxx, the entire upper staff was headed for prison, because they killed 500,000 people. They were all going to go to jail, but they had a really good attorney. His name was Ken Frazier, and he got them out by paying a $7 billion fine and nobody went to jail. And they were popping corks and celebrating. And what did they do to reward Ken Frazier? They made him CEO of Merck. Ken Frazier died this Autumn immediately after taking his flu vaccine.


That’s not something to cheer about, it’s just something to think about. So, at that time, Merck’s stock was tanking. It was in a free fall on Wall Street. And because the analyst said, “You’ve just lost your number one blockbuster drug. You paid $7 billion in cash, but you got no cash reserves. What’s going to happen to your company? There’s no future in it. We’re getting out.” Ken Frazier went to Wall Street and he said, “We got something even better than Vioxx.” And they said, “It doesn’t matter what you got. Because when you bring a drug to market it takes five years to get it there, to get the approvals; and after you get the approvals from FDA, you have to market it, you have to hire 70,000 pharmaceutical reps. You go visit every doctor in the country and persuade them to switch from the incumbent drug to your drug and there’s lots of competitors in all these marketplaces.

And Ken Frazier told them, “Don’t worry I got it handled. We’re not going to have to wait for anything. We’re going to pay for fast track approval. It’s called the HPV vaccine.” And the fast track approval, which was passed by Ronald Reagan, says that if you’re a drug and there is no other drug in that space, so there’s a lot of people dying of that disease and there’s no treatment for it, you can fast track the drug by paying tens, sometimes, hundreds of millions of dollars. Well the drug companies forgot about the part where there’s nothing else in the space. They started buying fast track approval and today 50% of FDA’s budget comes from the drug companies who are paying for fast track approval. So, they own FDA. They’re paying half its budget. It was illegal for FDA to grant fast track approval to Gardasil. Why? Cause there was already a successful treatment which was PAP smears that had reduced cervical cancer by 80%. You can’t get fast track approval, but he had it buttoned down. He had the skids greased.

He was able to go in there, because they own FDA and get fast track approval and he did something that hasn’t been done before, which is he got a dual track. Where he got FDA, while they were licensing it, he was getting the CDC at the same time to mandate it. You’re supposed to wait. First it gets licensed, then it goes to CDC and it’s mandated. He did them both at the same time. And then he told Wall Street, “We’re not going to need any pharmaceutical reps. We got a secret ingredient. We’re going to get it mandated.” So, 78 million people have to buy the most expensive vaccine that’s ever been sold, 420 bucks a piece. The DTaP vaccine is $24. They thought that was a good deal, $420. And then within CDC, though were now in discovery with Merck, one of the things we’ve learned is that we call it HPV vaccine. They call it the HPV vaccine. We thought what they were saying is, “Human Papilloma Virus.” But within Merck HPV stood for “Help Pay for Vioxx”. So that’s how we got Gardasil.

It’s poisoning all of our kids. And I’m representing a 24-year-old girl who has been in a wheelchair since she got her Gardasil vaccine at 15. She has seizures every 40-90 seconds. She was a high school athletic star. She was a scholar. She had a golden open road in front of her. Today her life is sitting in a dark room with the shades drawn and dark glasses on, as the sunlight provokes seizures. She can’t watch TV. She sits in that room. She wears Depends at 24 years old. And that’s what Gardasil did to her. And there are tens of thousands of girls like that and now they’re going to do the same thing to our boys. And one of the other things… And everybody knows that vaccines are now immune from liability, what they don’t know, what many people still don’t know is they’re also immune from safety testing. And the reason for that is a legacy of CDC’s, or the artifact of CDC’s legacy is the public health service. Public health service was a quasi-military agency. And the vaccine program was originally launched as a national security defense against biological attacks on our country.

So, regulators in the military wanted to make sure that if the Russians attacked us with anthrax or some other biological agent that they could respond very quickly and develop a vaccine, manufacture it, and deploy it to 200 million Americans without regulatory impediment. They said, “If we call it a medicine, we’re going to have to safety test it. Let’s call it something else. So they called it a biologic. They made biologics immune from safety testing. Of the 72 vaccines that they now force us coercively to give to our children, not one of those has ever been tested against an inert placebo. They don’t know anything about the risk profile. There’s nobody who can scientifically say that that product is averting more problems than it’s causing. No scientist can say that. Oh, and of course we’re now dealing with the aftermath that all of you know about.

Beginning in 1989, we suddenly experienced a tsunami of chronic disease. Of epidemics of autism, which went from one in 10,000 in my generation and still, if you… The CDC will say, “Well, we don’t know if it’s really an epidemic. Maybe we just didn’t notice it before.” And you know that missing autism is like missing a train wreck when you’re in the locomotive. There’s no way to miss it, but by the way, just use your common sense. If we’re just noticing it, how come we aren’t noticing it in the 66-year-old men? Where are all the 66-year-old men walking around the mall in diapers and helmets and stimming and head banging and nonverbal? Show me one. They’re not there. There’s no homes for them, we know that. They’re not stashed somewhere. They don’t exist.

In my generation, it’s still one in 10,000. In my kids’ generation, it’s one in 34. By the way, Congress instructed CDC or EPA, which doesn’t have a dog in the fight, “Tell us when the autism epidemic began.” EPA came back and said, “1989.” That is a red line year. And it wasn’t just autism that started that year. It was all of the neurodevelopmental diseases. ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, tics, narcolepsy. I never heard of narcolepsy. Now it’s everywhere. ASD and autism. The autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes. Annihilating diseases. Lupus, cerebral palsy. 1989. And then, the allergic diseases which is a food allergy, peanut allergies, allergic rhinitis, eczema, asthma. Again, they all started that same year. I have 11 brothers and sisters, about 70 cousins. I never knew anybody with a peanut allergy.

Why do my kids all have allergies? I have seven kids. Why do they all have allergies? I’ve been… I’ve spent 30 years going to allergists. And you know what I found out? They’re really studying to find out how to cure allergies. Nobody’s studying where they’re coming from. They’re studying how to cure them. And how do you think they study how to cure them? Well, they take a lot of rats and they give them allergies. Then they give them medication to try to cure them. How do they give the rats allergies? Every case, it’s simple as pie, scientists have known this for a hundred years.

You inject them with an aluminum adjuvant and inject them with the protein that you want them to be allergic to. Oh, you give them some peanut and aluminum adjuvant. You give them some dairy and some aluminum adjuvant. You can make a rat allergic to anything you want just by using an aluminum adjuvant.

And guess what? There are aluminum adjuvants in 60% of our vaccines. And if you give the kid that vaccine, yeah, he’s going to get an allergic reaction to the antigen which is what they’re trying to provoke. So, the next time his body sees that antigen it mounts an immune response, an allergic response. But if there’s a peanut oil excipient in that vaccines, now he’s allergic to peanuts. If there is a timothy weed outbreak at the time you give him the vaccines, now he’s got permanent allergic rhinitis whenever he runs into timothy weed. Anything in the ambient environment he’s going to be allergic to. Oh, they know this and they’re doing it. And this is the last thing I’m going to say. There are now about 300 side effects, adverse events that are listed that are, there’s about 300. Let me put it this way…

Those categories, allergic, autoimmune and [00:02] ____ developmental plus SIDS and some other ones. It’ll become epidemic in our children since 1989. And every one of those diseases is listed on two separate lists. The first list is the list of diseases that become epidemic since 1989. The second list is the list of injuries that are listed as side effects on the manufacturer’s inserts of those vaccines. Every one of those epidemic diseases is listed as a vaccine side effect. And these companies are now making $50 to $60 billion a year selling us vaccines.

They’re making $500 billion a year selling us a lifetime treatment to our children that are now, our children are addicted to, the EpiPen’s, the Albuterol inhalers, the Advair inhalers, the diabetes medication, the anti-seizure medication, and all the Prozac, all of these. If you look at those four companies, the 20 top selling blockbuster drugs that they are now marketing, every one of them is targeted and marketed to treat a disease that is listed as a vaccine injury on the manufacturer’s inserts of those companies. This is the worst racket in history. I’m just going to leave you with this. I told you a lot of bad news. Here’s the good news. We are going to beat them.


I can tell you we’re already, for the first time in 18 years, we are in Merck’s file cabinet today. Going through it on first of these Gardasil cases.


We’ve got a whole bunch of other cases in the pipeline, and you cannot sue a vaccine company under VICA or injuring your child for product liability, but you can sue them for fraud.


And we have an entire war room stacked to the brim with evidence of fraud by these companies that they have committed the greatest fraud and the greatest crime in human history, and we’re going to bring them to justice. And there’s…


Thank you!

Two things that we have to do. We have to beat them in the courts, and we also need to beat them on the streets. Cause the judges will not… The judges are scared, too. They’re being told, “If you listen to Bobby Kennedy, you’re going to be responsible to the measles outbreaks and the polio return and the smallpox that’s going to come back.” And we need a lot of people on the street.

We’re saying to that judge, “What he’s saying is real. If we experienced it in our lives, this is true human suffering and we need you to come in and rescue us.” Oh, you are being here today, the reason I came from my happy home in California to come talk to you because it’s so important what you’re doing. And it’s a pain for all of you to show up. You all have better things to be doing than sitting in this park today, but you’re doing it because you love children, you love our country, and you love future generations.


We need you. Everything that you do is critically important. Please support us at the Children’s Health Defense. Support Dell. Support… Follow me on Instagram. When I ask you to call somebody, make the telephone call and keep showing up and showing them our strength. Every year, every month, we’re getting bigger and bigger. We’re flexing our muscles. The word is getting out. Every person we convert is converted for life. You just have to wake them up, and then they stay awake forever. So, get out there, don’t complain, don’t whine, organize. I love you all and thank you for what you’re doing.


Thank you!


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