Tucker Gives Monologue for the Ages on Biden’s Purge of Unvaccinated Americans from Society

Tucker Carlson on Monday night unleashed a monologue for the ages. The Fox News primetime host’s timely message is a political touchstone for much of what is wrong with Biden’s America.

The host broke down the Biden White House’s “purge” of the unvaccinated from society as an unprecedented vendetta in American history. It is not a noble agenda driven by a concern over public health, but rather an illogical and reckless drive for political power, he argued.

Tucker opened by referencing a speech Joe Biden gave outside of Chicago, Illinois that was attended by billionaire Governor J.B. Pritzker. In the speech, Biden made a number of unscientific claims in the course of demonizing millions of Americans that do not intend to get the Covid-19 shots.

“Joe Biden showed up at a construction site in Illinois last Thursday to explain what a terrific job he’s been doing,” he began. “Biden’s poll numbers, you may have noticed, have declined recently, not just by a little bit, but by such a dramatic margin that some prominent Democrats are openly worried about it. The midterms are in a year.”

“So the point of last week’s appearance outside Chicago was to remind all of us in the country that our perceptions of Biden’s performance are silly and baseless,” he said. “Actually, Joe Biden is a great president. He’s totally aware of what’s happening. He’s completely on top of things. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s got your well-being at heart. Not the narrow economic interests of some soulless multinational corporation that hates America and your family. No, you! Because Joe Biden is awesome.”

“And to prove it. Biden talked at length about the COVID vaccine,” Tucker said. “His greatest achievement, he said. Now, strangely, Biden didn’t say a lot about the vaccine itself. He did note that if you get the shot, you could not spread COVID to other people. And if there were doctors in the audience, they might have been confused because that is ridiculously and provably untrue. Of course, the vaccinated can spread COVID, and they do.”

“But Biden didn’t pause and dwell on the science such as it is,” he continued. “Instead, Biden spent virtually his entire speech attacking any American who hasn’t yet gotten the shot. Now you’ve heard him say that a lot, but it’s worth taking a closer look at what Joe Biden said last week outside Chicago. Go, look it up for yourself. It’s on the C-SPAN website.”

“As you watch it, ask yourself, ‘Has any president in our history ever talked about millions of American citizens like this?’” he asked rhetorically. “This is the way presidents talk about foreign enemies or dictators talk about enemies in their midst. It’s not the way American presidents talk or ever have ever, for any reason, under any circumstance. We can’t think of a single example, even during the Civil War.”

“And yet according to Joe Biden, unvaccinated Americans are the root of this country’s problems,” Tucker said. “They are destroying our economy. They are killing our people. The unvaccinated, Biden said, are solely responsible for the outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid. The outbreak that has left tens of thousands of Americans dead.”

“Biden noted this to the morbidly obese governor of Illinois, who nodded from behind his mask as if all of this was settled science. And then Joe Biden kept going,” Tucker added. “The unvaccinated are dangerous, he announced, they are diseased, dirty, unpatriotic, they are selfish, they are pathogens in human form. They have caused this deadly virus to ‘spread to our children,’ to spread throughout society. They suffered because of their absurdity, and their self-inflicted suffering burdens the rest of us. They ‘overcrowd our hospitals’ like a plague of swarming gasping insects. As they lie there ventilated, dying, reaping the rewards of their own sins, these miscreants ‘leave no room for someone with a heart attack or in need of a cancer operation’.”

“These people get no sympathy, because they are barely people,” Tucker added. “The unvaccinated, Biden told us, die their much-deserved deaths, but even as they die, they burden the rest of us. That’s how horrible they are, they are subhuman wreckers of a nation.”

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