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Types of Covid

Covid-19 (NIH patented, gain-of-function virus)
Covid-19- brand-name mutated form (delta, omicron, etc.)
Covid, un-mutated, if you were taking trace mineral selenium which blocks mutations
Covid-another of 7 corona-cold viruses, symptoms confused for #19
Covid mistakenly diagnosed from common-cold (adenovirus, rhinovirus) infections
Covid which is really influenza, but who cares as long as the hospital makes money
Chronic-cough Covid, which is induced from taking ACE inhibitors for high blood pressure
Zinc-deficiency Covid, because you were taking ACE inhibitors which deplete zinc
Covid which presents with flu-like symptoms as a side-effect of an anti-inflammatory drug or herbal
Covid which is a false positive of the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) swab test
Covid that is really anxiety-provoked alcohol/coffee/tea-induced vitamin B1 deficiency that masquerades as Covid
Covid/ long-form, persistent nervous system problems (fever, loss of appetite, nerve tingling, insomnia, hair loss, ear ringing, heart fibrillation, memory problems, loss of smell/taste, breathing problems, chronic cough, digestive problems, diarrhea, constipation), due to above B1 deficiency
Covid that is any lung infection or pneumonia that hospitals make more money up-coding to Covid because of the reimbursement
Repeat-Covid (endless Covid/endless vaccination) or spike protein Covid as a consequence of booster RNA vaccination which opens ACE receptors for entry of viruses
Covid, potentially deadly-form, due to co-infection (cytomegalovirus)
Suspected Covid, so you better-damn-well get the shot before you kill someone else Covid
Co-morbid Covid, weak immunity due to withered thymus gland (zinc remedy), which is what kills, usually in old age.
Beneficial Covid, which is what 99% get and develop transient antibodies and memory T-cells against (see chart below)
IFR = Infection Rate

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