Ukrainian White Helmets

You might recall the infamous “humanitarian” group The White Helmets. There was a Netflix documentary on the organization produced by George Clooney that won the 2017 Oscar for best documentary short.

The group was a USAID (spook) funded operation to manufacture “evidence” of war crimes and atrocities in Syria for western audiences under the guise of a group providing ‘humanitarian assistance’. USAID provided no funding for such groups in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya because wherever the U.S. invades, there are no war crimes and thereby no need for humanitarian assistance.

Like all war propaganda in zones where no independent journalists are allowed there’s no way to know for sure what was staged by the White Helmets and what was real, though evidence exists that they staged a good number of their performances.

From an article by Consortium News that critically examines the group.

Across the mainstream Western media, the “White Helmets” are hailed as heroic first responders rescuing injured civilians in rebel-controlled parts of Syria. The U.K. Guardian and The Independent urged the Nobel Committee to award this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the “White Helmets.”

There are claims the group saved 65,000 people on the ground. Each member could also walk on water and pee out perfectly cut diamonds.

The group was mostly a PR and Marketing operation.

The “White Helmets” brand was conceived and directed by a New York-based marketing company named “The Syria Campaign,” which itself was “incubated” by a larger politically oriented marketing company called Purpose.

Once Russia entered the war to stop the U.S. funded regime change operations in Syria that led to millions of refugees and hundreds of thousands of deaths, the White Helmets became indispensable in keeping the war propaganda flowing for western media who could now pin “war crimes” on that evil monster Putin.

Their crafty work appeared most often on the BBC, CNN and Channel 4 news in the UK. They utilized social media and attention networks to amplify their often staged performances.

Thus, the positive image of the White Helmets and the group’s skillful use of social media deflect attention from the sectarian, violent and unpopular nature of Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front (recently renamed the Syria Conquest Front) and other armed opposition groups while hyping accusations that Syrian and Russian attacks are primarily hitting civilians.

The entire Syrian “civil war” was engineered by the west to promote regime change operations against President Bashar Al-Assad. The ultimate geopolitical goal was to undermine Russian energy dominance by building a natural gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe that required a pro-western government in Syria.

The U.S. spent billions arming jihadists groups including ISIS and engineering chaos and devastation within the country. If Libya was Hillary Clinton’s war, than this was very much Obama’s war. The entire western media complex lied about what was happening in the country for eight years.

Curiously once Donald Trump was elected president operations almost immediately stopped in Syria. Within a matter of weeks the bombed out hell scape of Aleppo was hosting its first public football match at the local stadium since 2011.

Russia and Putin brought a level of stability to parts of the country and the final years of the conflict were confined to northern and eastern Syria with Kurdish fighters cleaning up ISIS remnants. The U.S. still has a substantial military presence in the country. Trump ordered they “protect” Syrian Oil… by stealing it. Biden has kept them there.

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