US Army Recruitment Falters – Misses Goal By 25% As Woke Ideology Takes Over

US Army Recruitment Falters – Misses Goal By 25% As Woke Ideology Takes Over

The US Army along with all other branches of the armed forced (except the Air Force) have continued to fall short of recruitment goals this year.  The Army reports a loss of over 15,000 new troops so far in 2022, while the US Marine Corp, Navy and Air Force are entering the next fiscal year with far less locked in recruits than normal. 

Questions are rising about the reasons behind the steep decline in recruitment, with many suggesting that the “end” of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have reduced interest in service. 

The real reasons are rather plain to see, however, as the Pentagon and the US government shifts their political rhetoric to the extreme left.

For decades, the military has been comprised of 70% conservative/independent troops with views ranging from middle-of-the-road and libertarian to religious Republican.  The vast majority of soldiers are not progressive and do not vote Democrat.  That said, from 2021 onward there has been a change in the way recruits relate politically to the armed forces, perhaps because there has been a change in the way the military advertises.

The US Army in particular is famous now for one of the worst recruitment campaigns in military history; going full woke last year with a series of cartoon ads that promoted woke politics and targeted the tiny LGBT segment of the population. 

This led to widespread distrust among conservatives of the military overall and of the Army in particular.  Another issue which caused conservatives to walk away was open admissions by US generals about their goal of implementing Critical Race Theory and woke ideology in the armed forces.  The Navy is training its leadership to use identity “pronouns.”  West Point Military Academy is also now implementing woke concepts into its training curriculum.

It’s interesting to note that the very first openly trans active duty Army officer was just caught betraying the US and sharing medical secrets of personnel with Russia. 

Perhaps allowing mentally unstable people into the armed forces is not such a good idea?

Add to that the fact that Joe Biden made a man (Rachel Levine) that identifies as a woman and that supports gender affirmation surgery for minors into a four star admiral, and you begin to see why the military can’t reach recruitment goals – They just lost the only segment of the population that has patriotic motivations for service; the most valuable segment of the population when it comes to war. And, there are nowhere near enough woke people to fill the void, thus, shortages rise.

Beyond the attempts at woke indoctrination, there has also been the issue of forced covid vaccines.  This did not necessarily cause a large number of current serving to leave the military; many soldiers caved and accepted the vaccines in order to keep their jobs.  But, the military is now starting to abandon vaccine requirements anyway.  Why?  Because they can’t meet recruitment goals as millions of conservatives refuse to comply and refuse to enter into service under mandate conditions.

Some may argue that this is a deliberate attempt by Biden and his handlers to purge conservatives from the armed forces, as leftists continue their witch hunt for “extremists” in the military.  Even if this is the case, it only helps the cause of liberty, with trained military personnel and all the capable fighters turning away from the woke movement rather than being used by it.  

As the trend continues, the Pentagon will either implode, or it will be forced to capitulate and end woke indoctrination in order to keep a functioning military in place.  Leftists are natural weaklings and their ideology demands using victim status as a currency.  This means a woke military would be impossible to maintain – It would be an army of flailing, crying narcissists that only care about themselves.

Tyler Durden
Tue, 10/04/2022 – 23:05

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