US, Taiwan Push Forward On Economic Talks Amid China Denunciations

US, Taiwan Push Forward On Economic Talks Amid China Denunciations

“Taiwan is part of China,” Chinese military spokesman Col. Shi Yi asserted in response to President Biden’s start of the week remarks pledging US defense for Ukraine in the event of an invasion (comments walked back by the White House). “The theater troops are determined and capable of thwarting any external forces’ interference and separatist attempts to ‘Taiwan independence’, and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and security and regional peace and stability,” he had underscored, speaking of snap PLA live fire drills near the island this week.

“This is a solemn warning to the recent US-Taiwan collusion activities. It is hypocritical and futile for the US to say one thing and do another on the Taiwan issue, and frequently encourage the ‘Taiwan independence’ forces,” Yi said.

But now things are heating up increasingly on the economic front too, as China is firing back amid reports that Taiwan and the US government will hold high level talks on trade and deepened economic cooperation.

Image: South China Morning Post

Senior Taiwan government officials have told CNN of a possible timeline that the talks could be held within “a few weeks”. The unnamed officials described that the talks will “explore concrete ways to deepen the US-Taiwan trade and investment relationship.”

While neither government has issued official confirmation, the officials said one will be forthcoming after “coordination and consultations” between Washington and Taipei. The Hill further describes that the talks are likely to come in June:

A senior Taiwanese official also informed CNN that the country plans to send a delegation to the SelectUSA Summit in June, a meeting to promote foreign investment in the U.S. arranged by the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration.

The U.S. and Taiwan are especially interested in cooperation in sectors related to supply chain resilience and sustainable development.

A Friday statement from US Trade Representative Katherine Tai’s office suggests the June meeting is indeed in motion: “Ambassador Tai and Minister Deng directed their teams to explore concrete ways to deepen the US-Taiwan trade and investment relationship and to meet again in the coming weeks to discuss the path forward,” it said.

Beijing has frequently denounced efforts at deepened diplomatic and economic ties, calling the latest trip last month of a group of US lawmakers “deliberately provocative” which has “led to further escalation of tension in the Taiwan Strait.”

Meanwhile, in a major policy speech given by Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday in D.C., the top diplomat charged that it’s Beijing which has engaged in “increasingly provocative rhetoric and activity” threatening the democratic island.

He stressed in words which China is without doubt going to see as provocative that the Biden administration is working to “shape the strategic environment around Beijing to advance our vision for an open and inclusive international system.”

Suggesting what’s no doubt a top US trade priority and supply chain issue when it comes to Taiwan, a group delegation led by Sen. Menendez last month stated the following: “With Taiwan producing 90 percent of the world’s high-end semiconductor products, it is a country of global significance, consequence and impact, and therefore it should be understood the security of Taiwan has a global impact.”

Tyler Durden
Fri, 05/27/2022 – 18:40

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