Vaccines, Big Pharma, the CDC, Corruption, and Collusion

Vaccines, Big Pharma the CDC, Corruption and Collusion and the Personification of Single Payer

It has been a fact of life since the first election was held. That the majority of those that seek office do so for one of two reasons. They either want to get rich via the connections and deals they make, or they want to play God at some level or another. Whether it be ordering man’s affairs “for the greater good” or they just want to have the rush of having dominion over their fellow man.

Synopsis: The flu vaccine scam would have ended in 1979 had market forces been allowed to work. But congress brought it back to life in 1986 and today we are suffering the logical consequences. Had market forces and not corruption and collusion ruled the day. Millions of lives could have been saved and countless years of suffering would not have occurred. As the focus would have rightfully been on lifestyle changes and therapeutics to combat what has been with us since the dawn of mankind. And will most certainly be here vaccine or not long after we are gone.

Act 1: Phase one of the Corruption and Collusion

The corruption and collusion regarding flu vaccines in total has been one of the aforementioned groups’ best success stories. As this scam has been running with the assistance of Dr. Fauci since the 70s. Cloaked in Madison Avenue marketing like the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that allowed Big Pharma to sell their old fashion snake oil with no liability for the harm they would do. (0)

And when you have a marketing budget like this you get some attention. “From 1999 to 2018, the pharmaceutical and health product industry recorded $4.7 billion—an average of $233 million per year—in lobbying expenditures at the federal level, more than any other industry” –  (PDF) Lobbying Expenditures and Campaign Contributions by the Pharmaceutical and Health Product Industry in the United States, 1999-2018 (

But even with all that money in play distorting the free market. It is not that hard to build a case beyond a reasonable doubt the flu vaccine has been a bought and paid-for scam from day one. Given the following:

1. In the past it has taken 1 to 2 years to develop a vaccine for any given variant.

2. It then takes the tracking of 3000 patients for 2 years to gain FDA approval.

3. By this time that variant has mutated so much so that as the next flu season rolls around. Those who had the prior variant will still get sick from the new variant. Hence the title flu season.

4. The aforementioned immunity that you developed is better and broader than the vaccine immunity and lasts longer.

5. Herd immunity for any variant was reached long before the vaccine was developed but for sure by the time it was approved.

But just how fast is herd immunity reached especially in an urban setting. The data seems to indicate in a late winter/early springtime setting three months.  Was New York City actually infected at 83%?

6. Numerous studies have shown if you are vaccinated you are more likely to get the next variant. Including one done in Israel on the COVID-19 vaccine that showed you are 800% more likely to get the South African variant if you had the vaccine.

7. It appears at this moment in time with the Delta variant spiking in LA 165% in one week. The new and not approved vaccines (experimental use only) are driving mutations so fast you have removed the word season from flu season.

So, I am sure you are asking. Ok, yeah, that all makes sense but why have they been making flu vaccines since the 70s or longer. Well, that takes us back to the first election and the old Axiom, follow the money.

See in 1976 there was a Swine Flu outbreak and Big Pharma decided to jump in the game with both feet. And they developed a vaccine and had it approved by 1979. Which as I pointed out meant herd immunity had already been reached by the time the first shot was given.

But nonetheless, demand had been created by the insidious forces to be. And out came the needles. And what was the outcome? Well after five hundred cases of Guillain-Barre disease and just twenty-five deaths they pulled the vaccine off the market. Stating the risk-reward ratio had been breached.

Now keep in mind, we are now at ten thousand plus deaths and counting from the COVID vaccine, and the same people that told you Trump was a racist for cutting off travel to Wuhan. Are now going door to door in black neighborhoods to see if you would like a free shot. In what can only be described as a repeat of the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment.

But let us get back to the central question for that is a rabbit hole way too deep. Just what risk-reward threshold was broken when they stopped giving the vaccine in 1979. Well, none other than the tried-and-true market risk-reward one that clears a man’s thoughts.

Keep going down the path you are going, delivering a product that is defective and your corporation will go bankrupt, you will lose your job and you just might go to jail. So, what does a Big Pharma company do faced with all this “wonderful” technology they are now getting hesitant to sell?

Act 2: Taxpayer Bailout

Well, you just pick up the phone and call the highest-priced lobbying firm in D.C. you can and make sure you get reliability release for the vaccines from congress. Offloading all the risk to the taxpayer who will be none the wiser. And remove the danger of going broke or ending up in jail.

But then you notice for some strange reason the demand you wanted is just not there. But surely that cannot be because common sense tells a person not to put on a suit of armor when they swim in the ocean to prevent a shark bite. Which is roughly the same probability of dying from the flu that almost everyone gets every flu season.

No, the lack of demand must be because of racism preventing minorities and the poor access to your wonderful vaccine. Or at least that is what your lobbyist are going to say on Capitol hill when they get there. Because as a Big Pharma executive you know firsthand almost every single elected official will break out the taxpayer’s checkbook if you promise not to call them a racist.

So, the government steps in to make sure everyone has access to these vaccines for free. And just like those that got free health care in Tuskegee there were Buyer Be Ware signs all over the offer. But none of them could be any more glaring than the ones with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Take for example this one chart alone. That captures the “reported” death toll from what I refer to as the Frankenstein vaccine.

Now no sane person that had not been fed a large amount of propaganda, been overcome by fear or both. Could possibly look at just this one data point and say, “I am in sign me up for both shots and every booster you can make as fast as you can make them.”

But sadly, millions are doing just that. And it does not appear the end is anywhere insight if the government is paying for variant booster shots. And if it just ended there with the former “my body my choice” crowd all would be well but that is not the case.

As my tax dollars have now created a Branch COVIDian cult. And if they are going to burn down their house/body from the inside out with booster shots. They are going to demand you do the same so they can feel safe.

And you can rest assured they are going to scream the entire time we must “follow the science.” So let us go about following some of the science of the current “pandemic” to see if their newfound self-righteous demands upon non-believers is warranted.

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