Vegan Restaurant Denies Me Service for Not Taking COVID Shot Derived From Fetal Heart Tissue

In CBC’s Morning Brief, yesterday, they reported:

In Hamilton, Ont., The Hearty Hooligan, a vegan restaurant, warned customers last week through its Instagram account about provincial vaccine certificate requirements that began Wednesday.

Head chef Matthew Miles said they’ve faced an onslaught of angry comments from people accusing them of everything from discrimination to supporting tyranny.

Having followed a vegan diet for many years now, I thought I’d give The Hearty Hooligan a call. I was confused. After all, the vegan diet is about abstinence from animal products (for moral or health reasons) yet…

The COVID-19 vaccine is derived from human heart tissue, which while not from an animal, is certainly not vegan. And considering the tissue may have been extracted from the dying heart of an aborted fetus, means it hardly falls into the non-violent category.

If you won’t hurt a fish, why would you hurt a three-month old human fetus?

Now what about health? The vaccine itself is certainly not healthy. The CDC currently reports nearly 15,000 deaths from this experimental mRNA injection and over 15,000 life-theatening conditions. And we know the CDC undercounts.

So, why would a vegan restaurant require vegan customers to be injected with a pharmaceutical drug derived from the heart tissue of an aborted fetus? I didn’t understand. So I decided to call them and ask.

You can listen to my phone call below.

As you can hear, it didn’t end well. Maybe it was something I said?

I’m encouraging others—whether your prefer chicken or chickpeas—to call The Hearty Hooligan at (905) 807-0577 and ask them these (or similar) questions:

1. Why do require your vegan customers to be injected with a pharmaceutical drug derived from the heart tissue of an aborted fetus in order to eat vegan?

2. Since most of your customers believe in natural living and not taking drugs, do you not see how limiting your customer base to those willing to take the shot, will probably destroy your business?

3. If your menu is based on not harming living creatures, why would you coerce your customers into taking an injection that has already killed over 13,000 Americans according to the CDC?

If they say the government told them to, then ask:

4. If the government told you to start serving meat would you do it? If they told you to stop serving people who didn’t vote Liberal, would you do it? If they told you to stop serving Muslims, would you do it?

It would be kind of understandable if they were simply letting the government bully them into enforcing this type of unscientific segregation. But the fact that they let the CBC promote them doing so means they have crossed the line.

Let’s flood them with calls—(905) 807-0577—asking that they explain their actions or that they join the “We Won’t Ask” movement that Rebel News has started.

On The Hearty Hooligan’s website, they state their restaurant is a “LGBTQ2SIA+ safe space.” Sadly, that + at the end doesn’t include people who are unwilling to submit to an experimental mRNA injection.

They call themselves the “Hearty Hooligan.” Yet they immediately capitulate to the government’s demand that they coerce their customers into taking a pharmaceutical drug.

Rather than The Hearty Hooligan, maybe they should call themselves The Compliant Coward. Why don’t you ask them? You can reach them at: (905) 807-0577

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