Vietnamese Woman Dubbed Early “Super Spreader” Starts Her Own Line Of Hygiene And Self-Care Products

Vietnamese Woman Dubbed Early “Super Spreader” Starts Her Own Line Of Hygiene And Self-Care Products

“Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise,” the old saying goes. For Vietnamese heiress and jet-setter Nga Nguyen, her recent “challenge” was being dubbed a Covid super-spreader after she caught the virus in March 2020 during fashion week in Europe. 

Her subsequent travel habits, as she spread the virus across the world, made international news while she was recovering – with many outlets dubbing her as a “super spreader” and vilifying her.

So she did what anyone would do on the precipice of a global pandemic with the media constantly at your door: she started her own line of hygiene and self-care products. 

“I was at the hospital but I wasn’t on a ventilator and I was conscious. I was blessed to get very good treatment and I was very impressed by all the sanitising products that they used, and that made me think that I should use my personal experience to start a line,” she told the South China Morning Post

She named her line N.G.A., which stands for Never Go Alone, and partnered with a friend based in California to create formulas and scents online. She also has two other team members: one based in Nigeria and another based in Milan. She hired British design studio Layer to design her packaging. 

Nguyen prattled on: “Before this happened to me, I never focused on hygiene products – they were always an afterthought. You obviously have wipes in the kitchen and stuff like that but I wanted to turn hygiene products into something beautiful that you celebrate. Most sanitisers are sticky and don’t feel good on your skin and you have to wash your hands afterwards. I wanted to create something like a perfume but that also disinfects.”

She continued: “I was always struggling to find my own entrepreneurial project. I’ve always loved fashion but I didn’t feel I was good at designing and then I had so much time without travelling and even though I felt weak physically, mentally I was very alive and had all these ideas.”

“The pandemic has taught us about self-awareness and well-being. Taking care of yourself is the new normal because in three years there could be another virus, so you have to improve your hygiene and protect yourself and wear a mask,” she said.

She also peppered in the requisite “saving the world” comments – in case there’s any ESG self-care SPACs looking for a company: “You can never please everyone. I’m doing this because I want to help other people and I plan to add philanthropic elements into the project going forward.”

She concluded: “You think of the darkest moments and live with more purpose, also because you know who your real friends are. I wake up every day and I walk 10,000 steps before 10am and I created a routine for me that’s very effective in order to prepare for the new normal.”

We were able to capture never before seen footage of her interview for those that would like to hear more about the details:


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