Vladimir Kozin: Western & Eastern Blocs Fast Approaching Third World War

Dr. Vladimir Kozin discusses the Ukraine conflict and explains that Kiev and NATO are the aggressors against the Russian Federation. The U.S. is threatening the use of nuclear weapons on NATO’s eastern flank and has abrogated all arms control agreements. There is little no communication between either side. The Pentagon has stated this war of attrition will continue for at least five years. The western and eastern blocs are fast approaching a Third World War. He comments on Western “state terrorism” (e.g. Nord Stream), Color Revolutions, and believes COVID-19 was a U.S. biological weapon. The West seeks a strategic Russian defeat but Dr. Kozin believes Moscow will win.

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Geopolitics & Empire:

Geopolitics & Empire is joined by Dr. Vladimir Kozin, who’s a member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, vice president of the Russian National Institute for Global Security Research, winner of the Colonel-General Varfolomei Korobushin Reward from the Russian Strategic Missile Forces, and a leading expert at the Center for Military Political Studies of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. That’s a mouthful. Welcome to Geopolitics & Empire, Dr. Kozin.

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Well, thank you very much.

Geopolitics & Empire:

Well, we met briefly in 2017 in Moscow when you spoke to our group, which toured Russia with Sharon Tennison. I’m not a Russian agent. Us Americans, we’re simply engaging in peace diplomacy because we were worried about what’s happening now. We were worried about just that happening. Do you recall those days speaking at Sharon Tennison’s events?

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Well, unfortunately, when we met that time, you have already specified a long time ago, the situation was totally different. Ukraine attacked Donbas and killed a lot of civilians in that area sometimes previously belonged to the Russian Federation before 1922, but the situation was not so dramatic and dangerous as it is nowadays because at that time, when you and your colleagues from Sharon’s organization visited Moscow and talked to me, there was only one aggressor against Donbas, namely Ukraine.

But currently, we are confronted with a combination of aggressors, mainly Ukraine, plus NATO alliance. And unlike in the past, when aggressor was launched against two republics inside Donbas, currently it’s a direct aggression of Ukraine plus NATO against not Donbas, but against the Russian Federation. I have to explain shortly this phenomena because since last October, two republics in Donbas, namely Donetsk People’s Republic, and Luhansk People’s Republic, plus Zaporizhzhia region or Oblast in Russian and Kherson region, they joined voluntarily of the Russian Federation. And when we are talking to you, they are 100% accurate subjects of the Russian Federation since 2022 October. The Crimea Republic joined the Russian Federation in 2014. So, that’s the gist of the situation in that part of Europe.

The second issue, when we met before in Moscow, there was not so dramatic situation with nuclear weapons, threats to use it. Threats to use it came not from the Russian Federation because in all statements quoted by Western academic community or journalists, there was not a single word like nuclear weapons. There was no such a terminology. But, and why, I’m wondering why the Western community just interpreted Putin’s words as a desire or wish to employ nuclear weapons against Ukraine and the rest of the world.

But on the contrary, the desire of the USA and NATO to use nuclear weapons against the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, our ally, have intensified, especially in the area called forward-based areas, where NATO, where Eastern flank of NATO is located, mainly in the Baltic Sea area of the Black Sea area very close to our territory at the Republic of Belarus and to the Russian exclave of the banks of the Baltic Sea.

Unfortunately, negative stance that have been pursued by the United States of America in terms of arms control, conventional or nuclear, the situation has not improved. On the contrary, it worsened. And we are still confronted with 15 negative attitude, to 15 arms control agreements that are signed on either on bilateral or on multilateral basis. And during the President Donald Trump tenure, he withdrew from four arms control agreements. And Joseph Biden has not returned or has not rewritten them or renewed them in some way. So, the situation, as I said, is very dramatic, very dangerous. And the Eastern Bloc and Western Bloc approach to the Third World War very close. So, that’s the end of my bullet points. And I’m looking forward to hearing your questions.

Geopolitics & Empire:

Just as you’ve mentioned, I recently had on a Western academic who said that he went through 50-plus of Putin’s speeches, and he agrees with you. He said that Putin never used the threat of nuclear weapons. So, we’ve got both West and East agreeing on that, academics

And maybe to further get your thoughts as to what is really going on with Ukraine, to me, it seems like a once-in-a-century moment, a very serious moment that signals great power, conflict, a stage of transition even because we’re dealing with serious economic issues in the West as well as this desire by the West for global hegemony, domination. You’ve, in previous talks you’ve given, called this Cold War 2.0, which is even deadlier. And you cite Putin, who said the goal of US and NATO is to deliver a strategic defeat of Russia. So, if you could go further. We understand you laid out the Ukrainian assaults on Donbas. But if we go deeper, looking at the bigger historical context, what do you feel is really happening?

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Well, currently, as I said, there is an all-out aggression of NATO alliance against the Russian Federation per se. We are also feeling direct threat from nuclear wars or nuclear weapons stored nearby and conventional weapons also moved very closely to our territory. We are also seeing that there is no major breakthrough in resolution of the outer space activity despite the Mir scientific research lab in outer space. And we, despite all this calamities and difficulties and attacks and arm deliveries, we are still collaborating in outer space with the United States of America and some other countries like situated in Persian Gulf area or in Japan, for example.

The threat is very high because I haven’t seen any improvement in Western position towards the Russian Federation. We have confronted with a huge amount of economic, financial, and individual sanctions. And nowadays, only the United States of America will be able to send its armored vehicles, tank, and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems and any petrol interceptors, interceptor systems in 33rd time.

So, in the 33rd basket, as Washington puts it, there are no negotiations. There are no telephone exchanges like in the past using code lines and direct presidential telephone lines, no delegations. We have, the Russian Federation, suspended our participation in the new start and without any glimpse of hope to resume our full-fledged participation.

So, the story is not good; it’s very bad. And you were right when you reminded me that the Cold War is not over. It acquired completely qualitatively new dimension called the Cold War two-point or 2.0, like the second version, the second type of Cold War. And I’ve heard that the joint chiefs of staff of the United States Armed Forces, especially General Mark Milley, revealed that the Americans are planning to continue this aggression against the Russian Federation in the heart of Europe, I mean in Ukraine for the next five years. That is actually the war of attrition, and nobody except us was able to protect the civilians in Donbas.

And by the way, several figures updated from April 2014 when interim president of Ukraine, Turchynov, signed a decree to launch an anti-terrorist operation against Donbas, but actually using a regular armed forces of Ukraine against the civilian in Donbas till February last year when the current president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, started another stage of aggression exactly on 14 of February 2022. That’s 10 days before we launched counterattack against Ukrainian aggression.

So, plus nearly 5,000 more civilians have been killed in Donbas only, in this two republics I mentioned. So, totally 14,000 in the previous stage of aggression, plus nearly 5,000 in the current aggression. So, it’s more than 19,000 people killed in Donbas and several dozen thousands injured, wounded, etc. I am not talking about huge destruction of social infrastructure, houses, schools, hospitals, water and gas supply systems, whatnot, everything.

So, there are no chances to continue political negotiations that started soon after we responded to the Ukrainian aggression at the end of February 2022, and it lasted till the end of March last year, interrupted, by the way, by the Kyiv side. There are no chances to resume such negotiations because Kyiv and Moscow, they have totally opposite view what could be the agenda of the next round of talks and what will be the preferred options for a political settlement of this story. So, 180% degree totally different. So, that’s it.

Geopolitics & Empire:

You mentioned terrorism. That was my next question, something you’ve been writing about as well, referring to Syria and what recently transpired with the destruction of Nord Stream, which Putin called state terrorism. And objectively, I would agree with him. We had Seymour Hersh come out. I had a guest on last year, a Vietnam veteran back in October, who his thesis was that the blowing up of Nord Stream had the fingerprints of the CIA on it. And we’ve seen political assassinations of individuals, of non-combatants, like Darya Dugina.

I understand that the FSB recently reported that they stopped another assassination attempt on the owner of the Orthodox TV channel Tsargrad TV. We had the Kerch Bridge incident in Crimea. And I know the Russians like to use the term provocations. I like to use the term false flag operations. And what is your assessment of these types of events that the West keeps on carrying out, Nord Stream, this state terrorism or false flag operations in Syria, the staged chemical attacks that we saw? I know Lavrov and others like to use the word cynical. I think it’s too soft. But what do you make of this strategy and the West continuing to apply this?

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Well, as to the first portion of your question concerning the explosion in the Baltic Sea of the Nord Stream pipelines, we do not have any doubt that this blast was engineered and implemented by the United States of America and with the help of Norwegian Armed Forces. I don’t know whether Denmark and/or Sweden knew beforehand, but I have a personal suspicion that the Federal Republic of Germany knew about the preplanned explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines because I can recall the press conference conducted both by President Joseph Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz exactly on the 7th of February 2022. That is before our special military operation. And it was a clear statement, especially from the US president, that he will be able to do that when he replied to a question of a lady news person.

So, a simple group of saboteurs or terrorists cannot do this job. And we do not believe story that appeared on the 7th of March this year in the New York Times that allegedly pro-Ukrainian group was responsible for this underwater attack on our gas pipeline. No, it cannot be done by a group of six or seven persons alone because they won’t be able to deliver a huge amount of high explosive and put it on the pipes, on the gas pipelines exactly, you see, under deep water about roughly 90 or 100 meters deep in the Baltic Sea.

It was especially invented story not only to cut off Russian gas supply to Europe via Germany, but the major plan was to attract Germany from the Russian side in terms of getting Russian natural gas to Germany and then some other countries on the European continent. And the Americans were beneficiary in this story. They tripled or quadrupled the price for its liquefied gas to Europe and also managed to urge Germany to supply more heavy weapons to the current Kyiv regime.

But as to the Crimean Bridge explosion, it was a clear-cut story. As Ukrainian Special Services, Special Security Service stood behind its terrorist attack on the bridge, and currently, it’s fully operational, so it’s not a problem nowadays. But it was also arranged by Ukrainian side. Well, there are plenty of other terrorist attacks planned to be used, biological or bacteriological weapons and chemical weapons on Ukrainian territory. And more than 40 biolabs are run jointly by the Pentagon and the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They have been planning to use biological or bacteriological covert agents against the Russian Federation, but we prevented this plan to be effective, to be launched.

So, chemical warfare agents are being dropped occasionally on the Russian troops deployment on this part of Europe. That is very bad because chemical warfare convention and biological or bacteriological and toxin weapons convention are prohibiting to use this kind of mass media weapons everywhere. But unfortunately, Washington and Kyiv disregard the fact that they have signed these conventions both together. So, we haven’t used either bacteriological, or chemical warfare agents, or nuclear agents, or nuclear weapons in Ukraine or against the Western community.

But we managed to overcome economic and financial sanctions. And despite the fact that we lost some amount of money from selling oil and coal and gas to European countries, we managed to divert supplier routes of selling gas and oil, liquefied natural gas as well, plus coal to the countries located in the Asia-Pacific region, especially to India and the People’s Republic of China. So, the situation in Moscow is very good salaries and pensions. Wages are being paid in time without any delays. And government is increasing the volume of income in terms of rubles, in terms of local currency. The exchange rate is not so tragic as Joseph Biden once predicted. It’s today is $1 is being sold by the banks the level of 75 rubles per $1 and about 80 rubles per one Euro. So, yes. Are you okay? Any question?

Geopolitics & Empire:

Yeah. You mentioned biological. And I wanted to just maybe take a turn towards that because, related to COVID-19 as well, because back in January of 2020, I was the first to interview the author of the Biological Weapons Act that was signed into law by George Bush in 1989, Dr. Francis Boyle. In fact, I was contacted this week by a German film company who wants to use an extract of that interview. And he posits that COVID is a biological weapon. And it’s coming out more and more this thesis from the West, from American experts and politicians that COVID may have principally been a Pentagon project, DARPA, the Department of Defense. And I have listened to some Russian military experts claiming that this was a Western agenda, this COVID biological project, to lower the population and attempts to control parts of the world. Do you have any opinion on that?

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Yes. We still believe that this COVID-19, yeah, has been developed and specifically implanted in the People’s Republic of China by the US military delegation that visited China prior to this pandemic, the global pandemic, and spread it. And people were not familiar with this kind of thing, simply believing that it’s a seasonal flu. We call it in Russian [foreign language 00:29:39], not grip like this, holding something, but yeah, it is influenza. It’s a seasonal influenza, with a runny nose, with running temperature, a splitting head, etc. Nothing terrible.

But it was very dangerous because the viruses went deeper into the lungs and then caused pneumonia. And people who have not been treated properly at the time just died very quickly in several days. I know from my personal contacts of France and colleagues that some people died very quickly because they think that they could simply lay in the bed, stay at home, consume normal medium pills, and they will recover very soon. But they lost the time because a special treatment was necessary.

Currently, we managed to overcome this disease. And we developed a special vaccine to defeat the COVID viruses. And currently, there is a repetition of this COVID disease in the Russian Federation, but not at the highest level than it was let’s say one year and a half, two years ago, three years ago.

I was very much surprised that our vaccine, I used by myself. I tested it several times by myself. It’s a two-stage vaccine called Sputnik V. V means victory, Sputnik victory. In Russian, that was called Sputnik V. I had several times vaccination procedures. And I never was affected. My family also wasn’t affected. We were not affected by any type of coronavirus because there was several forms of it, the previous or the initial one and then some forms of other types, etc.

So, that’s it. And then I was very much surprised that the Russian-developed vaccine was neglected in the West. We wanted to provide it at very cheap prices, in some cases free of charge where the outbreak was severe and help many countries by sending them just on a grant-in-aid basis for free of charge. There were several other types of vaccines, and we are not afraid of any potential outbreak. But this is a very horrible planetary or global disease. And the world community should unite in combating this kind of disease rather than to separate and to refuse any potential vaccination.

Geopolitics & Empire:

And going back to what we were discussing, I’ve got another question. When it comes to NATO and missile defense, and when it comes to Ukraine, I’m very well aware the danger for Russia of Ukraine becoming a NATO member, and then the United States deploying into Ukraine nuclear missiles, missile defense, which can become offense and create, say, for Russia a defacto sort of first-strike situation from Ukraine to Russia. But then, we’re now hearing that Sweden and Finland want to join NATO. So, if Sweden and Finland become NATO members and then US deploys nuclear forces into, say, Finland and installs missile defense/offense there, what threat would that pose to Russia having Finland in NATO?

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Well, it will be considered in the Kremlin, in Moscow in general terms, and in the country, in my country in general terms as a very serious and direct threat to our national defense and our national security because from mid-50s of last century, there is still on the European continent, the US tactical nuclear weapons that sometimes if loaded on heavy strategic bombers can perform strategic missions rather than tactical nuclear missions and in four countries of Europe, like Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy, plus in the Asian part of Turkey in Asia League near Adana. So, it’s one type of danger.

Second type of danger is the Baltic air-policing, a NATO Air Force operation conducted 24 hours day and night and each day and night throughout each year. And there are dual-capable aircraft that are participating in this kind of operation that are capable to carry conventional and nuclear weapons.

For example, the newly emerged B61-12 gravitational bomb, nuclear bomb, have a maximum yield of 50, like five-zero kiloton of the TNT equivalent, and it’s very close to us and the Baltic States. We believe that the NATO countries and the United States of America have already agreed to deploy nuclear bombs of the B61 family to the three Baltic Republics, plus Poland, and probably to the second version of the same kind of operation called the Balkans air-policing operations involving the Romania and Bulgaria.

And plus, yes, there are possibilities that the U of S might employ tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine because the talks to deliver F-15 to Ukrainian Armed Forces that are able to carry nuclear weapons, nuclear bombs is very dangerous for us because the F-16 is a certified carrier of the US tactical nuclear weapons and depends on the type of the aircraft in terms of letters, because F-16 is divided in several modifications, so A, B, C, etc.

If A is surely it’s a nuclear capable aircraft. Plus we cannot abstain from the fact that already of the US heavy strategic bombers like B-52H already flew above Ukrainian territory and approached several years ago southern regions of the Russian Federation, I mean near Rostov-on-Don, Rostov-na-Donu. And by the way, the same type of aircraft participated in US strategic drills in the sky of Lithuania, very close to the Kaliningrad exclave, Kaliningrad region 60 kilometers from the Neman River separating Kaliningrad region from Lithuania.

And they fired missiles and dropped bombs naturally dummy bombs not stuffed with nuclear charges. It was kind of for educational, for training purposes. But nevertheless, it was also a dangerous situation. And unfortunately, all these kind of negative stories I have just numerated to you, we have tabled in the middle of December of 2021 to NATO and separately to the United States of America with certain draft agreements to be signed guaranteeing security for all of us, Russia and the Western Alliance. But unfortunately, in next January, in January of ’22, we received from each of these sources, from Brussels, from Washington a negative response.

So, I think I do not understand why we cannot live in peace and tranquility like normal human beings, why America is threatening us. Does it envy that we have a huge economic potential, huge territory, water, resources, gas, oil, etc.? But it doesn’t matter. We can just sell it, buy something else from, for Western countries, from NATO. Like in the past, actually the former Soviet Union and later on the Russian Federation, we helped Europe to become very strong economically because we sold natural gas and oil and coal and wood, etc. and at very cheap prices. And I’m very much surprised at how we sold our natural resources at very cheap prices. So, we just made a very grave mistake that we have done so.

Geopolitics & Empire:

Yeah. I just feel the US, I mean, it’s been mentioned in previous interviews with you, we can read the white papers from the Rand Corporation, the Wolfowitz Doctrine, the Project for a New American Century, Halford Mackinder a century ago keeping Germany and Russia from coming together. And basically, recently, in the recent months, we’ve seen the major Western papers like Atlantic and others talking about decolonizing Russia, Balkanizing Russia, breaking it up. Putin in speeches going back many years says the West’s goal is to defang and declaw the Russian bear. I mean, would you agree that that’s their goal? I mean, I feel like they want full-spectrum dominance.

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:


Geopolitics & Empire:

They want to take over the planet. No?

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Yes. So, we have been considered as an enemy number one from the year [inaudible 00:43:16] in the eyes and in the minds of many, many V.I.P. politicians in the Western community. And all military and economic and financial schemes have been developed first of all to disintegrate the Russian Federation like we ourselves disintegrated the former Soviet Union. Second, to arrange a regime change and replace the current Russian president and commander-in-chief by some other person, always bowing to the West, always agreeing on the special rules invented in NATO countries.

But the recent public opinion poll conducted in my country shows that President Putin has more than 80% of popularity, positive remarks from rank-and-file citizens of my country. That’s a very good, very formidable figure. And it says that he’s very popular, given that we have been pushed to forestall the under aggression from Ukraine and NATO against Donbas initially and later on against us, totally.

But we will manage to overcome this kind of difficulties because we have a lot of aggressors in our history. And they sometimes captured even huge west territory of the Russian Empire, of the Russian land in the ancient times and medieval ages, and later on very close to our contemporary history. But we always won. We always won, and aggressor has been punished in all cases. And with each such outside aggression, we came out much stronger than we had been before such aggression.

And I don’t understand why many Western leaders neglect the lessons of history. History shows that we will win even in this current combined Ukraine and NATO aggression against the Russian Federation and its people. We will win sooner or later. I don’t know when we will get this victory, but nevertheless, even recently, both president and Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, they have outlined the major three goals outlined in the famous Putin’s address to the nation in early in the morning of 24th of February 2022 to denazify Ukraine, to demilitarize Ukraine, and to maintain national security and national defense of the Russian Federation.

These three strategic goals are ironclad for ourselves. And we will be able to do that. Certainly, it will take some time. It’s not an easy job. As I said, 33rd basket of military hardware delivery to Kyiv, it prevents us to be very quick because without US, and NATO, and non-NATO countries’ military assistance to Ukraine, we could have been able to finish this aggression very quickly because people in Donbas are on our side, plus two southern regions. Zaporozhian region and Kherson region, well Crimean as well, definitely, the referenda that took place in these five new territories showed that the huge majority of the people in these republics or just regions are in favor of joining the Russian Federation. And we accepted them. They are pure Russians.

It was very normal exit or normal behavior for Zelenskyy, for NATO, for the United States of America, the way out in the following way, not to let Ukrainian aggression against Donbas and the Russian Federation, but to start normal behavior of Ukraine with Ukrainian citizens in Donbas, not blocking, not banning the use of Russian language, the national language, not prohibiting to profess Christian Orthodox religion, not to ban normal, local, cultural, etc., help them economically, financially. But instead, Zelenskyy have chosen quite an awkward path leading this country into a deep canyon, a deep abyss.

Geopolitics & Empire:

Yeah. As you mentioned, I often do refer to history. Napoleon failed. Hitler failed. And-

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Yes. First World War, also Kaiser just, we lost a little bit, but later on we, regained our territory. So, there are plenty of big examples and much deeper into history when Tatar and Mongols just intruded into the ancient Russia and even burned Kyiv and destroyed Kyiv. The capital of Kyiv’s the Rus at that time, a long time ago. But nevertheless, we managed to concentrate our efforts and as people and to deliver a decisive blow to any aggressor. And that definitely [inaudible 00:50:45] afraid of the current Ukrainian regime. It’s-

Geopolitics & Empire:

I had-

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Yes, go ahead, please.

Geopolitics & Empire:

One other concern I had that’s interesting for me now is apart from what we talked about, the nuclear aspect and these things, the use of color revolutions. And so, I wrote my graduate thesis on this in the Geneva School of Diplomacy. And we’ve seen how this other weapon that the West has deployed, the 2003 Georgia Rose Revolution. It seems like they’re trying to do another color revolution in Georgia as we speak.

Last year, I used to live in Kazakhstan. I was employed by Nazarbayev. And I actually, on the ground, I came into contact with these color revolutionary forces. My Kazakh students were participating with NGOs financed by National Endowment, and Open Society, and USAID. And I actually told the Kazakh government. I had the Kazakh Secret Service speak with me about this. And I was, as an American, trying to warn Kazakhstan that I don’t approve of my government overthrowing foreign governments. And so, I was concerned for the sovereignty of Kazakhstan. And so, we saw they try in Kazakhstan last year, Pakistan, they even tried to assassinate [inaudible 00:52:05], Georgia again, now, on and on. Do you have any comment on this tactic, this strategy of color revolution?

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Yes. The color revolution strategy in many cases turned to be very fruitful and very positive for its masterminded people, for the engineers of this kind of color revolution, especially by using NGOs in every strata of society, in every professional circles, and widely supported and supplied with the US dollars and other currencies.

In Ukraine, for example, why the position just got the power in 2014, simply because the United States, like USAID and some other agencies, official agencies, helped to flourish of 400 different Ukrainian NGOs who were hostile to the current regime that time. And they just took the power very, very easily. Something like 100 persons perished in during the Maidan resistance in February 2014 or early in December of 2013 as well.

So, it was very easy just for a method of taking power by the opposition groups in many, many countries. And you mentioned Kazakhstan. Yes, it is the same story because while with NGOs and various centers, clubs, discussion, discussion community, whatnot, you can then penetrate into the society and persuade that they could live in a better world if they change the government, they will have a paradise and have huge football fields and palaces everywhere and they so desire.

So, they have been cheated. But the thing is that all this color revolution were aimed to reach one aim: to make the leadership and the country where the color revolution have been arranged to be pro-western, to be anti-Russian, to be anti-everything who is professing normal human behavior, and human contacts, and free trade, real free trade but not trade with the help of sanctions with a cap prices introduced or imposed by ill-visioned personalities.

Geopolitics & Empire:

A question, because you mentioned normal. And one of my final questions to get your thoughts on the West, I’ve been worried for 20 years as an American, also as a Croatian, now also a Mexican, but the decline of the West, the decline of US empire. But we’re seeing it economically deteriorate. We’re seeing the rise of authoritarianism in this country that pretends to be free and democratic. My own American government is shutting off my financial accounts just for having conversations like this, not doing anything illegal or violent. It’s happening in Europe. Alina Lipp, a German citizen, had even her parents’ bank accounts were shut off by Brussels and Berlin.

This is not democracy, this is totalitarianism. And culturally as well, Putin, and Russians, and other, many other, I’ve been talking about this for 20 years, we see this, I think Putin called it this satanism. It’s openly being celebrated now at these Hollywood film awards. Recently, you had open displays of satanism in the entertainment industry. Next month in America, they’re going to have the biggest it’s literally called Satan Conference. And so, it’s so in our face. But what opinion do you have of the decline of US empire, but also this spiritual strangeness that’s going on?

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Well, I hate any spiritual wars because the Lord, the God created all of us as equals, as human beings on a very small planet called the Earth. And we have to understand the simple truth that we can benefit all of us. It doesn’t matter in what country we live or just in what countries we are traveling. We have to live in peace, not a [inaudible 00:58:00] manner of just intimidating or just changing the governments in some other countries. Only while this pattern and through increasing the bonds in the traditional families via traditional families, that is a normal behavior.

In our constitution, we recognize, for example, the family affairs, official family affairs between he and her as the union between gentleman and the lady. Only they it can produce kids, etc. That’s also a sacred gift of the Lord. We cannot invent something else. It would be against Mother Nature, against the wisdom that the Almighty God advised all of us via his prophets that do everything that is in favor of your brothers and sisters. Do not create wars. Only sacred war are permitted. But selfish wars, aggressions for the sake of killing civilians by using regular armed forces in any country is a great sin and should be punished and condemned in every corner of the world.

If people will understand this, I mean, all countries, we are having nearly 200 different countries, states, nations, if we understand this, I mean, we will live very good life, we ourselves and succeeding generations as well. But if we continue to intimidate people to supply arms to warmongers, we will suffer all of us-

… because there is a risk that there will be no winners and no losers because everybody will die, especially if nuclear weapons are used in all-out nuclear war in Armageddon, in nuclear holocaust. So, that’s the noble task, not to this thing, this story to happen, to implement. That’s why the outcome, for example, to this Ukrainian and NATO aggression, the remedy, the cure role is very simple: The Western community should stop supplying arms to Ukraine and should persuade Zelenskyy to accept the five territories in Ukraine became the part and parcel of its Mother Russia.

They belong to Russia historically, culturally, religiously, and linguistically. He should recognize that. And there are some other positive things, like paying compensation to those nearly 20,000 civilians killed in Donbas and in other areas. I am not talking about G.I.s, military service men, the Russian Federation of Ukraine. It’s a different story. But nevertheless, if the war continues, we will move with each inch, or centimeter, or meter very close to the Third World War. Unlucky scenario, unacceptable by any reasonable, rational personality.

Geopolitics & Empire:

Just one more question, then: Do you feel the future is multipolar? There’s a lot of talk about this. Do you feel the general trend, if we don’t go into a nuclear war, do you feel like we’re moving into a multipolar system?

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Yes. The multipolar, it’s the only way we have to follow. Unipolar world or one polar world is not a proper path for the future because unipolar world would be, I can imagine, if we can speak only English and we were just believing in one God. We just will have the same culture with the same taste of food, etc., etc., etc. But if we have been created by the Lord in such a way we are existing, that means that we should be internationalists and to treat the opposite number in dignity, with respect, with honor. To be internationalists, that’s the only way out. And if we are having still nearly 200 states, countries, we should live together like good neighbors, like good neighbors in my multi-story house in Moscow.

Geopolitics & Empire:

That’s a great final thought.

Dr. Vladimir Kozin:

Yeah. There is no other option. I like to travel to the United States when we had nice chats with the rank-and-file people. And even with the military, soon after when the Soviet Union disintegrated and we had this, so to say, a rose garden period in our relationship with NATO countries and NATO military men, I visited military centers in the United States, some military bases, just moved by British destroyer from one part of the Atlantic to the other one, then visited multilayer SSM US Navy, right?

And we landed on the Carlos Wilson nuclear power aircraft carrier in the Pacific during [inaudible 01:05:34] trial, or a liftoff and land on using arresting gears and steam catapult. Yeah, it was a fantastic period of time. And we have managed to sign a lot of arms control agreement during that time though the Cold War was not officially over, wasn’t officially over between East and West. So, the Russian Federation is not guilty for what had happened in the year ’22 and in the year 2023.

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Dr. Vladimir Kozin is a member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences; member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Vice President of the Russian National Institute for Global Security Research; Winner of Colonel-General Varfolomei Korobushin Reward (Russian Strategic Missiles Forces) and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Reward; and a Leading Expert at the Center for Military-Political Studies of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

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