Watch: Cargo Ship Battered By Heavy Seas Snaps In Half 

Watch: Cargo Ship Battered By Heavy Seas Snaps In Half 

A general cargo ship split in half and sank after it was battered by heavy seas off Turkey’s Black Sea coast, according to Maritime Industry News Agency.

The vessel ARVIN (International Maritime Organization number: 8874316) was en route from Poti, Georgia to Burgas Bulgaria when the captain made the call to anchor at Bartin to protect the vessel from the storm. 

Maritime Industry News Agency said, “most probably, the vessel couldn’t stand against strong wind and waves, and either broke in two, or was overwhelmed while being anchored.” 

ARVIN is a river-sea cargo vessel that is not designed to handle the impact of rough seas. This is the likely reason the cargo ship split in half. 

An alleged video of the incident was uploaded onto YouTube this weekend. It appears ARVIN’s crew, stationed at the bridge of the ship, captured the moment the cargo ship split in half. 

Watch: ARVIN Splits In Half 

It was noted by Maritime Industry News Agency the vessel sank, with six crew members rescued, four dead, and three missing. 

Continuing down the rabbit hole of recent maritime disasters, we noted a California-bound containership lost 750 containers due to “rough seas.”

Last month, another containership headed for California lost a record 1,816 units, of which 64 are believed to be Dangerous Goods containers.

How long until climate change is blamed on these maritime disasters? 

Tyler Durden
Sun, 01/31/2021 – 20:45

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