Watch: Earthquake Swarms Trigger Rockslides In Central California

Watch: Earthquake Swarms Trigger Rockslides In Central California

An earthquake rocked Central California, followed by dozens of aftershocks Thursday afternoon. Much of the shaking was recorded in Coleville (Mono County). 

At 1549 local time, a magnitude 5.9 hit Coleville, approximately 150 miles east of Sacramento, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Shortly after, a swarm of more than two dozen quakes ranging from magnitude 1.0 to 4.6 hit Coleville and surrounding areas.

During the shaking, people across Mono County took out their smartphones and filmed wild scenes of rockslides. 

Twitter user “Brett Durrant” was traveling on “I395 near Coleville” when he noticed the earthquake started to “wiggle” the road. He uploaded stunning footage of massive rockslides. 

Earthquake hit us on I395 near Coleville, CA! Boulders all over the road! #earthquake #California #roadtrip @ABC

— Brett Durrant (@brettdurrant) July 9, 2021

Durrant uploaded another video of huge boulders that slid onto the highway.

— Brett Durrant (@brettdurrant) July 9, 2021

Local news KCRA uploaded a video of another rockslide in Mono County. 

Whoa! Check out this video of a rockslide in Mono County after several earthquakes were reported in Northern California.

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— kcranews (@kcranews) July 9, 2021

It’s been reported USGS has upgraded the earthquake to a magnitude of 6.0. The agency is expected to hold a press conference following clusters of quakes. 

Tyler Durden
Thu, 07/08/2021 – 21:13

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