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Watch: Fauci Squirms As CNN Anchor Confronts Him With Data Showing Masks Don’t Work

Watch: Fauci Squirms As CNN Anchor Confronts Him With Data Showing Masks Don’t Work

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Anthony Fauci refused to back away from the recommendation of face masks Saturday as CNN (of all networks) confronted him with a study showing that they have no effect on preventing the spread of COVID.

After Fauci claimed “there have been many studies indicate the benefit of wearing masks,” Anchor Michael Smerconish brought up the Cochrane review of masks, one of umpteen studies that have all found that the face coverings do little to nothing against COVID transmission.

“When you’re talking about the effect on the epidemic or the pandemic as a whole, the data are less strong,” Fauci squirmingly admitted, but then went on to suggest people should still wear them anyway.

“There are other studies, Michael, that show at an individual level, for individuals they might be protective,” Fauci claimed.

Senator Rand Paul blasted Fauci for spreading “more subterfuge”:

Fauci admits that masks don’t work for the public at large but still absurdly claims masks work on an individual basis. More subterfuge. pic.twitter.com/UcjOa8flkr

— Rand Paul (@RandPaul) September 3, 2023

Others chimed in:

Fauci confronted with most definitive data analysis possible that masks make ZERO difference against Covid. Not a little, not slight- Zero. And he just mutters some numerical illiteracy bullshit about “individual protection.” He’s a fraud and a liar

— Buck Sexton (@BuckSexton) September 3, 2023

Holy shit @cnn just directly confronted Dr. Fauci on air with bullet proof scientific evidence that masks don’t work at all. It only took three years, but finally! pic.twitter.com/hwUPyjyteS

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) September 3, 2023

It’s really hard to assume Fauci’s disastrous “mistakes” were in good faith when he refuses to acknowledge obvious facts that don’t require a PhD to decipher. It looks a lot more like “TRUST THE SCIENCE!” only applies when it suits Fauci’s personal or political narrative. https://t.co/nBk8YSIIfw

— Cliff Sims (@Cliff_Sims) September 3, 2023

Wow Fauci is SMOKED on masks and he has zero comeback.


— Liz Wheeler (@Liz_Wheeler) September 3, 2023

Elsewhere during the interview Fauci said he hopes people will comply with wearing masks again, while stating “we’re not talking there’s forcing anybody to do anything.”

He continued, “We’re not talking about mandates or forcing anybody but when you have a situation where the volume of cases in society gets to a reasonably high level, particularly the vulnerable, those who are elderly, and those with underlying conditions are going to be more susceptible and vulnerable if they do get infected to get severe disease leading to hospitalization.”

“I would hope that if in fact we get to the point where the volume of cases is such an organization’s like the CDC recommend, CDC doesn’t mandate anything, I mean, recommends that people wear masks, I would hope that they abide by the recommendation and take into account the risk to themselves and to their families,” Fauci further stated.

He continued, “People keep thinking that the federal government is going to mandate that you wear a mask, that’s not going to happen,” he said. “But there may be individual institutions, organizations that are going to say, if you want to come to work, you’ve got to wear a mask.”

Here is the full interview:

As we have highlighted, there is a creeping attempt to bring back masking and COVID restrictions despite no large bounce in cases and the fact that they just don’t work.


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