Watch: French Police Patrol Cafés Asking To See Citizens’ Vaccine Papers

Watch: French Police Patrol Cafés Asking To See Citizens’ Vaccine Papers

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Video has emerged out of Paris, France, showing police patrolling cafes and bars demanding to see people’s credentials and making sure they are not breaking the law by enjoying themselves while unvaccinated.

Reuters reporter Antony Paone shared the video noting “The first checks of Police started as a preventive measure at Paris in cafes and restaurants where the Pass Sanitaire is mandatory as of today. Fines of 135 euros and verbal warnings from next week, up to 9,000 euros in the event of a repeat offense.”


Les premiers contrôles de #Police ont démarré à titre préventif à #Paris dans les cafés et restaurants où le #PassSanitaire est obligatoire dès aujourd’hui. Verbalisation de 135 euros à partir de la semaine prochaine, jusqu’à 9000 euro en cas de récidive.#Passanitaire #reuters

— Antony Paone (@PaoneAntony) August 9, 2021

Other footage also emerged of private security, train staff and business owners checking the passes which confirm vaccination, a negative test, or (for the time being) recent recovery from the virus on people’s phones:

‘Proof of vaccination please.’

This is what a hi-tech dictatorship looks like in 2021.

And that is exactly why most cafes and restaurants in France currently look like this:

Là où je travaille ,13h30 #paris #passesanitaire

— ammour (@ammour2) August 9, 2021

🇫🇷🔴Incroyable, les terrasses de cafés restaurants sont vides sur les Champs Élysées #Paris 😱Par contre beaucoup de monde sur les bancs publics depuis le #PassSanitaire😀 @AssoCovid @DIVIZIO1
Source : independenza webtv #Paris #PassSanitaire #champsElysées #dictatureSanitaire

— Louis_HK (@autrement_votre) August 9, 2021

Tous en vacances ? #Passanitaire

— BIGBANG (@BigBangParis) August 9, 2021

Grande Brasserie à PARIS pas un seul vacc à 12 H 21 peut-être un sursaut de solidarité et vous c’est comment dans vos villes
Tous unis solidaires fraternels #PassSanitaire #VACC #MACRON
Amicalement à tout les manifestants de FRANCE 👍😍

— NAT’LY (@NATLY12533573) August 9, 2021

As we reported last month, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that those who don’t have a ‘Pass Sanitaire’ will be banned from participating in basic life activities such as visiting restaurants and using public transport.

“The unvaccinated will bear the brunt of the restrictions rather than everyone…from the beginning of august, the vax pass will be needed for coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, trains, buses etc…”


— Nat (@Arwenstar) July 13, 2021

The move quickly prompted citizens to take to the streets, with riot police called in to put the protests down:

NOW – People chanting “Liberté” in Paris as they protest against mandatory vaccinations of health care workers and vaccination passports on Bastille Day (#14Juillet), a national holiday in

— 🚨 (@disclosetv) July 14, 2021

Protests against mandatory vaccines in Paris

— Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) July 14, 2021

The Paris Police throw large amounts of teargas at demonstrators trying to quell the protest in Paris, France against mandatory vaccination and vaccine passes.

The police will be the only group in the country exempt from having to have a vaccine pass.

— Marie Oakes (@TheMarieOakes) July 14, 2021

The protests forced Macron to back down on imposing the mandatory vaccine passports for entry to shopping malls, but they are now in place for practically everywhere else.

As we previously documented, under the the draconian law, people in France who enter a bar or restaurant without a COVID pass face 6 months in jail, while business owners who fail to check their status face a 1 year prison sentence and a €45,000 fine.

Make no mistake, this tyranny is imminently coming to Britain, the U.S. and beyond unless people stand up en mass and reject it, and even then it may be too late.

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