Watch: Gaming Gamma – How Options Metrics Forecast Markets

Watch: Gaming Gamma – How Options Metrics Forecast Markets

“Gamma Squeeze” has been the word of the year so far for many freshly-minted equity-trading gurus (as they watched their AMC, GME, and other meme stocks momentum ignited “to the moon” time and again in the first half of 2021), but there is lot more to comprehending and using “Gamma” than simply understanding the chance for a squeeze (higher or lower).

Last June, long before anyone had heard of SoftBank’s public stock trading group, had seen the unbelievable and perhaps illegal gamma meltup in Tesla, and before even retail traders became experts in sparking gamma squeezes across illiquid names, we published what was arguably the best primers on gamma, op-ex and option-driven equity flows, straight from Goldman’s derivatives strategy team. Those who missed it can read it here, although there is certainly a bit of a learning curve.

Still since the topic of Greeks, Gamma, and option-driven flows will become increasingly important, we urge everyone to at least watch the following brief video, courtesy of our friends at SpotGamma, which provides an introductory overview of using Gamma to forecast market movements intraday.

Since last week’s op-ex, SpotGamma‘s metrics have nailed the intraday swing lows and highs as gamma was “unclenched”…

The video starts with a clear distillation of why gamma matters and how to use this knowledge to your advantage…

Tyler Durden
Thu, 07/22/2021 – 14:30

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