“We’re Off To The Races”: Ford Secures 44,000 Reservations For Electric F-150 Just Hours After Reveal

“We’re Off To The Races”: Ford Secures 44,000 Reservations For Electric F-150 Just Hours After Reveal

While Tesla’s Cybertruck remains in limbo somewhere, Ford has already secured over 44,000 reservations for its new electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck, its CEO said on Friday.

More than 44,500 reservations in less than 48 hours…and counting. The future is here: https://t.co/pbgGgnTVrS #F150Lightning pic.twitter.com/mpAztdfXZX

— Jim Farley (@jimfarley98) May 21, 2021

Made famous earlier this week when President Sleepy Joe woke up long enough to tear-ass down a track in one at a press conference, Ford had previously said it took 20,000 reservations  in the 12 hours succeeding the reveal alone. 

“This sucker is quick,” Biden said at the press conference. 

The truck was revealed at 9:30PM EST on Wednesday at the company’s world headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

Before updating the number on Twitter on Friday to 44,500, CEO Jim Farley said on CNBC on Thursday: “The response has been great. With 20,000 orders already, we’re off to the races.”

Reservations are being “closely watched” by both the company and investors, CNBC noted, as comparisons toward “competitors” like Tesla and Lordstown (both of whom do not have a functioning pickup truck for sale) start rolling in.

“I am looking at this vehicle as a test for adoption for electric vehicles. We should all watch very carefully how this does in the market,” Farley said.

Ford’s F-series is a perfect litmus test. If the company can’t make electric work with the best selling truck series in the U.S. for nearly 4 decades, it may be time to head back to the drawing board. 

Reservations require a $100 refundable deposit. Recall, Tesla claimed that the company took 146,000 reservations for its Cybertruck in the days following its reveal. Despite being presented in November 2019, the Cybertruck is still not being mass produced. 

Tyler Durden
Fri, 05/21/2021 – 13:59

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