‘We’re Taking Back Our Street” – Sacramento Man Barricades Street To Stop Out-Of-Control Crime 

‘We’re Taking Back Our Street” – Sacramento Man Barricades Street To Stop Out-Of-Control Crime 

People are fed up with the urban utopian socialist experiment in California. One business owner barricaded a public street in Sacramento to prevent a further spillover in crime from other areas. 

“The game is over. We’re taking back our streets,” business owner Rich Eaton told FOX40. He barricaded part of Railroad Drive to prevent the commercial area from additional car burglaries, rampant building theft, prostitution, and homeless encampments. 

“The city’s dereliction of duty has just come to a boiling point and I’m really just begging for help,” Eaton said, adding he has complained about the out-of-control crime to the mayor. So far, he’s received no response. 

“I paid some homeless people some money so they would leave. I fed them; I took care of them and helped them and when Railroad Drive was cleared. I put up barriers,” Eaton said.

A person who didn’t want to be identified and works for a company on the street told the local news: “It was like walking through a working meth lab to get to work.” 

“There’s days when they’ll be parked three-wide on the street and we can barely get by. They’ve had our gates completely blocked. I’ve pulled up and had employees waiting to get in because they were afraid to get out of their gate and punch in the code.

“Literally a week ago from this spot to there, all the way down and around the corner there were 57 motor homes and trailers parked,” the employee said.

Eaton said someone scaled his building last week and stole his surveillance cameras from the roof. 

“The prostitution, the stolen cars, people meeting on the street at 3 a.m.,” Eaton said, it’s just chaos he added. 

Sacramento responded to Eaton’s barricade with an order to stop blocking the street. 

Business owners taking action as city governments seem unresponsive is a new emerging trend. Last year, dozens of Baltimore City businesses banded together. They collectively threatened the mayor with no tax payment because they were fed up and frustrated “with the outburst of violence.”  

Tyler Durden
Sun, 05/01/2022 – 15:45

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