What Really Really Hurts?

Life in the 50s and 60s held so much promise in the American Dream.  Seemed things were perfect, folks were happy again, we believed in industry and technology and honesty in our leaders and the glamour of Hollywood. Families went for ice cream after the movies, kids played safely in neighborhoods, Walter Cronkite and school teachers were trusted and the future looked very very bright.

A dark Thanksgiving 1963 and Viet Nam brought an end to the days of Camelot. People grew long hair and were pissed as our government showed its strong hand against war protests as more young men were drafted and died. Political assassinations continued. The CIA accelerated dirty deeds around the world like the FBI at home. False flag operations continued on into the 21st Century as domestic psyops accelerated and most Americans are starting to realize they have been…betrayed!  The Dream was all a lie! That really really hurts!

We feel like that kid left holding a bag out in the woods on a snipe hunt.  Shame on us!  Shame was a primitive threat to survival in the cave. Being shamed by the tribe meant certain death. Religions introduced the idea of “original sin” to include everyone.  Shame is used today as a weapon of mass compliance. Ain’t it a shame?

What people fail to realize is the seriousness of psychological stress inflicted by divisive shaming, humiliating surveillance and peer-enforced correctness. While media messengers keep the public worried, that anxiety becomes an unrecognized physical vector of obesity, depression and all disease!  From the threat of mushroom clouds to pandemics to mass shootings to unrelenting economic pressure to rumors of scarcity to insidious social engineering via niggling neo-wokeism; these things eat at a man’s mind, body and soul.  Understand that for every mental health problem the architects of these conundrums create; a physical illness follows. Isn’t that the plan?

After only a few hours of net-woke television, I’m made to feel guilty that I’m not black, female, gay, trans, and in desperate need of mRNA boosters and dozens of nicey-nice new drugs. How has the assertive white male been cut off at the knees, found guilty of sexism and racism and canceled? Fauci’s deadly epidemics occur every 2 yrs like clockwork, each time with big government money thrown at him.  Swine flu, AIDS, bird flu, Ebola, Zika and the crowning glory of his career covid 19  fill his resume.  Like 9/11 Orange Alerts, covid 19 started with dark warning boxes on the side of the TV screen. New cases, death counts and spooky funerary music were meant to drive home the fear. Not vaxxxed; you’ll kill grandma. Mass insanity accomplished! Blame -gamers fabricate causes and effects. Shame-gamers attack your very being in what should be seen as assault. They both rig the board with false facts and corroborating experts.  Didn’t we know TV was bullshit all along?

Stressors come in many shapes and sizes and penetrate minds that can’t distinguish between the cropped perspective of the boob-tube… and common sense reality. Economic fears, loss of a mate or being socially shamed bring stress. This attacks fearful personalities, and works through the reflexive nature of the mind/gut axis via the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervous system.  Stressed minds cause unhappy tummies just as “belly aches” reciprocally cause emotional discontent.  It is the persistent “perception” of stress that causes disease through sympathetic lingering, always ready to fight the imaginary future, which results in hormone dumping, highly acidic stomachs and damage to beneficial intestinal bacteria and their immune function….whereas an encounter with a bear evokes the same fight/flight response, but stops as soon as you outrun the bear…or don’t.  Nutrition, toxic loads and lifestyle habits are crucially important but so are the informational “foods” you dine on and the permanent thought patterns they can invoke.

Real doctors are aware that these media-magnified “nocebo” events are the exact opposite of placebo healing. Instead of a placid situation in the autonomic nervous system where the healing regenerative parasympathetic branch is in charge; minor subliminal stresses or major shocking events switch the body into fight/flight sympathetic dominance by degree, accompanied by hormonal and pH shifts. A strongplacebo effect can constitute miracle healing as documented during religious and shamanic rituals,… or be the bane of drug trials where a sugar pill might work equally well. Nocebo stressors on the other hand shut down normal regenerative healing and shunt energy to muscles to run and evade danger or fight tooth and claw as an evolutionary throwback. I’m sure Fauci knew damn well what a pandemic scare and lockdown would do; it’s what black magicians and voodoo curses do do!….. When fight/flight reactions occur, cortisol and adrenaline are dumped, judgement is impaired, electron energy is wasted and oxidative stress takes over.


*** Oxidative stress is the same as inflammation, AKA disease, that tells you a defensive immune response is underway.  Inflammation is commonly expressed in the suffix -itis following the tissue or organ where it strikes like fascitis, hepatitis or tonsillitis. Inflammation is characterized acutely by fever, pain, redness and swelling, but grinds along unnoticed as chronic inflammation/chronic oxidative stress>>>chronic disease.  Oxidation is contained by electron-rich anti-oxidants, whether absorbed from the earth, ingested in foods, produced in the body or generated through mitochondrial metabolism.  Oxidation  unopposed does damage to all cell structures.  Basic chemistry, biology and physics favor a “redox” approach to health…to maintain the vital balance of positive and negative charges. Life is electrical and It Is ELECTRONS that power all life forms and all cells as well as the cells which perform immune duties….. Bio-molecular behavior, DNA expression and immune strength are driven by the laws of oxidation/reduction (redox), acid-base chemistry and the environmental context of electromagnetic frequencies. The goal of vigorous health is to maximize body charge and minimize voltage loss by such things as mineral imbalances, metals, organo-toxins, ubiquitous electronic radiations like 5G and emotional STRESS! ….(Too much to go into here since the mind-body connection is the point of this post.   See https://zx4.bc9.myftpupload.com/forum-comments/ . ***

***An early germ warfare experiment in the 1940s sprayed two similar sized towns with pathogens.  One town had advanced warning via leaflets dropped from a plane…while the other town had no such warning. So guess what?  Many in the leafletted town got sick, but very few in the uninformed town succumbed to the germs. This proved long ago that psychological warfare works. It IS a physical attack. That’s how so many were brought down by “covid”, whether or not a virus was responsible.  That is real science!

The idea here is to understand where information and inflammation are coming from. If you find yourself pre-diabetic, can’t see your feet over your belly, never laugh deeply and swallow too much media propaganda; I would suggest a low-glycemic diet devoid of vegetable oils and margarines, rich in fiber and live probiotic cultures, meditation and News Fasting. To see so many scared people praying to the sky and hoarding canned goods tells me they are in pain,… seeking divine intervention and thinking they can escape Armageddon with a year’s supply of MREs.

Since life is temporary and ultimately pointless; I’d try to raise my consciousness from the depths of the ego and become more fearless and happier every day. As a free-living wild hominid of the paleo persuasion, any attempts aimed at inflicting the rules of a cultural narrative on my being instantly offend my sense of personal sovereignty. I feel a sharp stab in the gut while my domesticated neighbors never notice the thousand cuts of correctness indoctrination. Some even have the nerve to become shithead “peer police.”  With mindless acceptance of living under chronic fear, the obedient become the walking dead. They could choose to embrace unconditional love and aspire to live in the FEARLESS NOW where pain and doubt fade away… and learn what it is like to be really really free and alive.   Focusing on the problem increases awareness along with fear, but only visions of positive solutions can manifest a viable future. Action required.

The vast majority of Americans do not want any more wars, inflation and insults to their rights to free speech, privacy and to own guns, but do want to see Fauci behind bars..and all our treasonous war-loving politicians and bureaucrats brought to justice. They do not represent us, they do not serve us; they are the enemy hollowing-out the nation from within.

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