What’s Really Behind The Oprah Interview With Harry And Meghan

What’s Really Behind The Oprah Interview With Harry And Meghan

Authored by Martin Jay via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Meghan, as an outsider to the royal family, was given the cold shoulder not for her skin colour but for her background…

A media storm has kicked up in both the U.S. and the UK about the explosive accusations. But in reality most people are being tricked by beguiling journalists looking to feed off scandalous accusations levelled against the UK royal family. The real story is less raucous but harder to believe.

How will you remember the week in which Meghan Markle conducted an interview with Oprah Winfrey? This polemic media tsunami has hit western media so hard, that many of its societies have buckled under its strain, in particular in Britain whose monarchy came under fire.

The incendiary allegations which Meghan and Prince Harry made were then eclipsed by a second media event which followed the first one, sparking many questions about freedom of speech, the stability of the British monarchy and the role, even significance of the British press: Piers Morgan, a staunch critic of Markle, storming off his own TV show and ultimately leaving the network that he built.

What do these two cosmic events which have rocked the UK establishment have in common? And what are the lessons learnt?

Arguably, some blame must be placed on an incredibly feeble and servile British press who saw clickbait when it was presented to them and spun the Merkel story even further – dividing the British public along two lines of those who believed Meghan’s claims against those who saw her as making a story up, for her own gain.

But one wonders where the idea of ‘bare all’ mudslinging ‘interview’ came from in the first place, when Harry and Meghan’s plans to move to the U.S. – and benefit from all of the financial trappings of being British royals – collapsed recently when the Queen of England stripped him of them. The invitation to their wedding was not a backup plan in the making for the Oprah interview, surely?

The interview itself has of course been seized by the left-wing woke media, even in the U.S. by the Washington Post, to further the #blacklivesmatter clickbait phenomenon. With not the Post, which recently ran a piece attacking Piers Morgan, nor its equivalent in the UK (The Guardian) caring one iota to report the interview correctly and assert in its reporting that nothing that these two charlatans claimed was backed up by anything. Totally unsubstantiated drivel. But since when has that stood in the way of a good story?

When the left-wing UK press (and much of broadcasters also) seized on the interview, they went along with the no doubt staged interview’s preposterous claims and reported them more or less as facts. Few, apart from the staunchly pro-royal Daily Mail, held Meghan to account to the stupid lies of racism in the royal family which was directed at her. There is no doubt some racism exists in such an old institution which has a more romantic recollection of the old days of empire than most, but the assertion that she was treated badly for her skin colour is utter innocence and of course not a claim that she or Harry can substantiate. It is of course very easy in this day and age in the UK to call the race card, when there is a colossal infrastructure of people and bodies which are waiting for such nuggets to feed their agendas. CNN absolutely jumped on this bandwagon when it interviewed a black UK TV presenter who campaigns for black rights – who never mentioned once that the claims from Meghan cannot be proven.

What happened to the British press when failed soap stars in the U.S. can book Oprah and spout such garbage and it is held as gospel truth? The left lap it up as it feeds into their own media machine (BBC, CNN, ITV, Guardian, Post), the right don’t challenge it sufficiently as they are too busy feeding on the frenzy or reporting the high traffic subject to actually care about journalists’ standards.

Most of what Meghan said in the Oprah interview was false. She couldn’t even tell the truth about her passport being apparently taken away, when in fact she continued her jet set lifestyle from the moment she arrived in the UK and started her relationship with Harry.

And Harry also could not help himself but even lie about not being able to enjoy being on the back of a bicycle as a toddler, with the parent peddling in front – when in fact there are plenty of photos showing Prince Charles doing just that as a father, with Harry in the toddlers seat. Harry is not especially bright and still has a lot to learn about managing media.

But the bombshell was the claim of racism. Meghan was not treated any differently to any other outsider to the royal family, just like Diana. She was given the cold shoulder not for her skin colour but for her background. It’s standard protocol which I’m sure Harry told her about in the early days. And then there is the preposterous claim that she was depressed and no one helped her. Given that she and Harry campaign on this very subject and are very active in this field, how can this ludicrous claim be given any credibility whatsoever? And Archie’s title apparently taken away. Nope. Protocol dictates that he should never have one in the first place.

So, really just a pack of lies presented to a gullible U.S. public – and made via a black mega celebrity who has become a billionaire through her own TV work and campaigning along race lines – becomes one of the most viewed interviews on U.S. networks this year. And subsequently a huge story in the UK which puts a spotlight on the royal family and brings the subject of racism into the foray once again. Or free speech?

The subject of free speech has presented itself throughout. Piers Morgan on his ITV show effectively being alienated by his bosses after Meghan wrote an email complaining was enough for him to storm out of a TV studio and leave his job. Few pundits in the UK saw the irony that it was free speech which allowed Meghan and Harry to spout such nonsense in the first place – and expect full syndication and endorsement by such a corrupt institution in the UK as the fourth estate – but then the same rule didn’t apply to Morgan. The controversial media personality gave a frank view on TV about his views on the interview and stated he didn’t “believe” anything that Meghan said. Just for that, the UK regulator for media received over 40,000 complaints and formed part of a process which edged him closer to the door of ITV.

The complaint against him and his resignation is entirely to be expected from woke UK, whose voices successfully silence through the cancel culture anyone who has an opinion which doesn’t chime with those on the left who believe that only black people should have an opinion about race and racism.

If you don’t agree on any of this and do have an opinion, then you are automatically deemed racist and anyone who challenges this needs to be destroyed and then alienated. Laurence Fox, the actor and musician has found this out the hard way when he refused to be called “racist” on a BBC talk show and accused his accuser of being racist herself. Morgan is just the latest victim of this phenomenon.

Or is he really a victim? Are even Meghan and Harry victims of anything? Aren’t we all being a little naive and having the wool pulled over our eyes? The Oprah interview was a business venture, designed to rake in scores of millions of dollars and to promote the couple in the U.S. – which is why it was shot in the U.S. in the first place. Book and film deals, donations and raking up Meghan’s role as a victim of racism is all very, very bankable in America. What we are missing is what the purpose of the interview was all about. Money. Greed. Promotion.

Just two days passed, before an almost incidental news item appeared stating that the couple were just about to launch a multi million dollar production company with films already signed up by Netflix.

And self-promotion and greed are actually the awkward link with Piers Morgan. The polemicist, who left the U.S. with his tail between his legs after his CNN talk show failed, is not the victim really that he would claim. The former editor of the News of the World campaigns relentlessly to end the ‘cancel culture’ but then practices it himself against a pundit who politely disagrees with him on air. And if that’s enough hypocrisy for you, the stunt that he pulled is certain to bring him more money and more offers from media giants who want to pay hard cash for the bankable traffic which he brings with his divisive views and straight talking style. So, in fact, Morgan is linked to Meghan and her media storm as both will profit handsomely from the media spotlight. It’s really all about the money. Morgan is so absolutely right when he attacks Meghan for making up all of her allegations and wanting to profit from creating the stink. He’s just the wrong person to stand on the peddle stool and say the unsayable. He’s also a tad hurt after being dumped by her. But that’s another story.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 03/18/2021 – 03:30

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