When Lions Roar

They say time is a great healer.

Historically it’s also a great revealer and concealer.

The more time passes, the more the truth gets revealed or buried, sometimes forever.

It may also be a great equalizer.

In The Prince Machiavelli wrote of the fox and the lion. A good prince will know when to use to his advantage the skills of each in dealing with subjects and enemies.

As citizens of presumably once-free societies, the metaphor still stands in dealing with the tyranny of the state. One must know when it’s time to embrace the cunning of the fox, or the savagery of the lion when confronting the fascist wolves who prey upon the herd of defenseless sheep.

The lions are warriors. Their strength and bravery in service for good are only possible when not being exploited by the nefarious aims of a corrupted state.

They can serve as humanity’s shepherds who have moral and ethical duties in protecting and guiding the flock.

But are there still lions among us?

It’s been two years since healthy people of the world were locked in their homes. Two years since a hundred nations colluded and conspired to abuse their citizens by collectivizing risk for dubious invisible harm whose prevalence could be manipulated through tests that were never meant to diagnose anything.

It’s been two years since they intentionally started killing people in hospitals to amplify the fear and eliminate a few million future pension liabilities in the process, a few million expendable carbon footprints.

It’s been fourteen months since they continued the killing under the guise of a cure. They’re moving in on the children and infants now. Eager to start killing them too if not rendering them sterile.

And they haven’t stopped because there is nothing to stop them.

Allan Stevo says it’s good to get punched in the face. It is indeed a privilege. There are endless life lessons to be gleaned after getting punched in the face. It toughens you up. Prepares you for conflict.

How much can you truly know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight? C’mon, hit me.
– Tyler Durden

What about getting beat down, kicked, muzzled, locked out, jabbed, bloodied and clotted for two years with a side of medical apartheid, mass psychosis and post-traumatic stress disorder? Is that a privilege too?

What are we to learn from all this abuse? All this intentional killing, this culling of humanity?

What are the lessons?

How much time is enough to allow war criminals to appear on our televisions and pretend they have answers to the crimes they manufacture?

How long until the victims clean themselves up, dust themselves off, rise from the hills they think they hold and will die on, empty and pointless as they are, and finally go on the offensive?

Revenge and retribution are deeply rooted desires for those with a profound sense of justice. Equal justice requires a fair process with infallible evidence and uncorrupted institutions.

Revenge requires passion and ability. Courage to mete it out. Risk and sacrifice to deal with the consequences.

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