Where In The World?

As Good Citizens look around objectively at the state of the world post-plandemic and begin to assess the next stages of globalist social engineering, one of many inevitable questions emerges, but perhaps none more important than: Where is the best place to live to counter or avoid the harsher aspects of their continued reset agenda?

The Limitations of Non-Compliance

The first impulse to this question is usually of a stubborn nature. A refusal to accept anything in the world will change or that individuals can only win by refusing to adapt to whatever might be coming down their tyranny pipelines. The assumption is that by reacting to their agenda, we are playing their game and modifying our behavior or actions in anticipation of what might simply be unfounded fears. Noncompliance or “do not comply” is often the mantra of those who believe this to be the best course of action.

While that may have served well against a phony pandemic, with unscientific measures, and deadly shots dressed up as “vaccines”, how well does that work against food shortages, digital passports, or digital currencies that are controlled and programmed by the government and physically enforced with the full power of the state? The greater the tyrannies, the less likely non-compliance will be effective without an absolute majority of the population participating. Since there are no absolute majorities in the population that can come together to affect meaningful change on any subject of tremendous importance, becoming ungovernable is simply a fine slogan for meme-ing false hope and misguided expectations to followers thirsting for optimism during these dark times.

Are people powerless? No. But where things like voting and collective action were useful in the past, today individuals will be left to exercise non-compliance in one of two ways:

Have the financial resources to live outside the “rules” that rarely apply to the wealthy.
Individually choose to physically (and digitally) live outside the systems created for control and domination. This includes the option of living outside the laws and borders of their nation of birth.

The first way is limited to a select wealthy few, for whom historically rules never applied, and in many cases were the ones fabricating the laws and rules in their favor.

The second way takes courage to understand the risks involved and comes with penalties and consequences, social and financial. The majority of people reading this do not have the resources to choose any other way of opting out.

Those who do take this approach while knowing the stakes deserve recognition for their courage to resist. Though they usually include those who are already preparing for unforeseen events, including the small farmer, homesteader, and prepper communities. Having spent years planning, they are already well situated for noncompliance.

While the impulse to carry on with life is noble, it will not insulate people from these malicious planners, and doing so in an urban or suburban area that has already experienced some level of civil unrest, riots, harsh lockdowns, and outright government tyranny simply makes people short-sighted gluttons for punishment.

The demented President of the “let’s all pretend we’re still free” world just issued his manager’s (Barry O. Version 3.1) emergency decree on stirring more climate hysteria and engineering more economic pain for the plebs who refuse to eat crickets and buy a $60,000 EV that will inevitably be powered by coal plants in most parts of the country. These people will be in charge for another three years, and with rigged elections possibly another decade so they can complete their transition to their desired sustainable Liberal World Order. If these are their results after just 18 months, imagine how things will look by 2024 or 2028. At this point, all Americans should plan on them prosecuting Trump to keep him from running again, and/or rigging the 2024 election against whomever the opposition candidate is.

Tyranny doesn’t decelerate on its own. If there are no consequences for traitors, seditionists, war criminals, and their federal government servants, there is absolutely no possibility for anything to change in the future. They will further weaponize federal agencies to make life hell for any people who even plan on resisting. This includes grandmothers touring the Capitol building, and former Trump administration officials, lawyers, followers, and supporters. Expect the political persecutions to only increase in the years ahead.

The first step in answering this important question (Where?) requires honesty.

One must be honest about what is happening in the world and why. Often the best planning involves working backward from the end goal to the present.

The end goal of our present global dystopic path is summed up with the simple Malthusian phrase, “We must control the population under the pretense of saving the planet and gain total ownership of whatever remains for our own benefit.”

Direct translation: A depopulation agenda aimed at altering the world toward a posthuman technocracy and one-world government.

To get up to speed on this agenda read the following pieces or just watch any Alex Jones shows of the past twenty-five years:

The Silent WarIt is by nature a deceptive war, cloaked by belligerents who fly under the radar of populations and deploy their armaments into the bloodstream of innocents ill-equipped to recognize their bodies as targets, having been sufficiently softened up by a lifetime of psychological disinformation shelling to their minds.
World Economic Controlled DemolitionIf they say you will own nothing, it’s because they know there will be nothing to own.
The MotherlodeGlobal engineering human transitions and servitude from eugenics to “sustainability” to post-human technocracy.

If you don’t commit to taking action while you’re being assaulted, then you deserve what happens to you. They’re trying to see what they can get away with, and right now they’re just rubbing your face in it.

— Alex Jones

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