Why have Christians accepted the face mask ritual?

The cover artist for the Much Ado About Corona novel, Jordan Henderson, has released another controversial painting for the Easter weekend. This time he shows the duplicity of Christians wearing a face mask out of allegiance and subservience to their government:

You can view a larger version of his painting, plus read Jordan’s essay, A Facemask for the Christian Right – The Pledge of Allegiance, on Activist Post.

Be brave. Have fun. Stay… sane!
—John C. A. Manley

PS In closing, Jordan’s essay includes a collection of quotes from the Bible, and other works of Christian literature, demonstrating the sheer incompatibility between giving one’s life to Christ (AKA “Truth”) and pledging allegiance to a state. He even includes a excerpt from Father Shostakovich’s sermon, the anti-masking Catholic priest in my novel.

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