Why I Think People-Pleasing Led to the People’s Party of Canada’s Defeat in Last Night’s Election

I was expecting at least twelve seats won by Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada in yesterday’s Federal Election. They were the only party talking any sense when it came to their COVID-19 policy. They were the only logical choice on the ballots.

This morning I woke up to see they have zero seats.

Now, we could justly blame such a dismal lose on the brainwashed sheeple, as Madeleine K. Albright says in Fascism: A Warning:

Good guys don’t always win, especially when they are divided and less determined than their adversaries. The desire for liberty may be ingrained in every human breast, but so is the potential for complacency, confusion, and cowardice. And losing has a price.

But admitting such would probably put me in the “complacency” category. Instead, I think we need to look at the PPC’s message.

First, let me say, that I am a founding member of the People’s Party of Canada. I voted for them in the previous election. On a local level, I’ve sacrificed around forty hours of work over the last month, putting up this website for our candidate, writing daily emails and creating this full-colour, double-page flyer. I’ve stood by their platform and their message.

But my gut feeling has always been their message is too restrained. I think they would have won many seats in last night’s election if they had told the whole truth. They need to stop being politically correct about the COVID-19 narrative. Maxime Bernier repeatedly said they were trying to “flatten the lie.” But, in reality, there are like ten or twenty lies around COVID-19.

For example, while the PPC has been speaking out against the vaccine passport, they haven’t spoken out against the vaccine itself. The vaccine is not “safe and effective” and I think they need to say that.

The PPC is selling freedom. The other parties are selling safety.

Most people care more about safety than freedom.

Selling freedom is not working.

People think the vaccine, and a vaccine passport, will keep them safe—freedom be damned.

But the untested COVID-19 shot is not safe. The CDC currently reports nearly 15,000 deaths in the United States from this experimental mRNA injection. We know deaths are under-reported as the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System is very passive and not mandatory.

But for further evidence of the dangers of the vaccine, we need only look at the Moderna/Pfizer trials themselves, where five percent of healthy, young test subjects suffered severe reactions, and the other 95% suffered moderate to minor reactions. And that was in the first six weeks. We’ve no idea what the result will be for younger or older people, over the course of six years, with a new shot every six months.

Or do we? “A novel best-case scenario cost-benefit analysis showed very conservatively that there are five times the number of deaths attributable to each inoculation vs those attributable to COVID-19,” says a paper in Toxicology Report.

In my city we hear sirens every day with people suffering side effects. Nurses tell me stories about teens being treated for heart problems after their shot, and seniors dropping dead after inoculation. My sister-in-law has been in bed for three days after her second shot. My barber threw up all night. My friends mother died. A boy can’t use his right arm because of a blot clot.

Most of us now know someone who died unexpectedly after getting the shot, but we still don’t know someone who died of COVID. ABC asked viewers to submit stories of people they know who died of COVID-19 after refusing the vaccine. Instead of COVID death stories, they received 39,000 angry comments on their Facebook page like: “No stories on that. But a guy I knew got his shot and 2 days later dropped dead of a heart attack. Why don’t you report on THAT?” (See World Tribune for a summary.)

The D-dimer test, according to Dr. Charles Hoffe and others, shows 62% of people who get the shot have micro blood clots in their small blood vessels (e.g. their brain, lungs, kidneys, reproductive organs, etc.). Sure, they don’t die. Not right away. Instead their body gets weaker, and their cognitive function decreases. (Maybe that’s why they didn’t vote PPC?)

These are all facts. Just like it’s a fact that there has not been proven any benefit to the shot, as Dr. Ron Brown has shown in his peer-reviewed report on the Moderna/Pfizer trials.

I think the PPC needs to start telling the whole truth. We are already labelled as “anti-vaxxer,” so who cares? Let’s not stop there. Let’s get the full “COVID denier” label, too. What’s there to lose? Certainly not seats in last night’s election.

For the last eighteen months, the PPC has played softball with these psychopaths. They gave them a chance to back down, reap what profits they could from voluntary participants in their genocidal vaccine money-making scheme, and let life get back to normal. But psychopaths are crazy. They don’t take the olive branch. Instead, they snap them in half. Now’s it is time to bring out big white elephants.

I would recommend the People’s Party of Canada create a public health advisory team, pulling together all the doctors and nurses and researchers in Canada who have been shamed, censored and fired. Get the evidence in order, and show the country, and the world, the scam from beginning to end. Here’s what we know. Here’s what they did. Instead of keeping you safe, they have been causing death and harm through all the COVID measures, especially the vaccine. Call for a full investigation or just go ahead and launch one yourself. Let these tyrants know they are going to prison for the rest of their lives if they are found guilty.

You could even be nice, and offer amnesty to anybody who will step forward and blow the whistle.

Max Bernier needs to stop saying “we need to learn to live with the virus.” After 18 months of a “global pandemic” with millions of so-called “cases” they still haven’t isolated the virus. It’s fair to assume there is and never was a so-called SARS-COV-2 virus. Or if there was some genetic fragment floating around it wasn’t causing any devastating disease. There was never a pandemic, death rates were lower in 2020 than 2019 or even 2018. Hospitals were never overrun anymore than they usually are during cold and flu season (with a few odd exceptions in New York where they liked to put people with an anxiety attack on a ventilator).

Not only should there not be a vaccine passport, the party needs to promise to suspend the purchase, distribution and inoculation of these these useless and dangerous injections. It’s the job of the government to protect people from harmful enterprises, not cooperate with their execution.

We should turn the tables around and say: “You have the freedom to take the shot if you want. But we are not paying for it. You can use your own money to buy whatever drug you want from whatever company you want. But we need to save the money to pay for your medical bills arising from the side effects of these vaccines.”

I think the People’s Party fell short by trying to make their message too people-pleasing and freedom-orientated. In the end, people react to fear and want protection. There is plenty to fear from the current government, media and shadowy elites. I think we need to expose what they have done and what they are doing, and offer people protection from such deceptions—because sooner or later, the house of lies will collapse.

Yes, to freedom! But not freedom for the government to continue it’s tyrannical agenda. Most Canadians are complicit in the lies. Let’s stop trying to please them. Let’s present the facts as they are, call a poison a poison and end this corona madness before it gets any worse. And, I think we all know, it can get a lot worse.

I hope Maxime Bernier, all of the candidates, staff and volunteers, continue to fight for Canada. I just ask that they start bringing out the heavy artillery of unpopular facts, while heading to even higher grounds of truth.

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