Will the booming ventilator business bring about another intubation pandemic?

Governments and hospitals around the world have been stockpiling ventilators for this non-existent second wave television tells us we are currently drowning in.

Well, all those extra ventilators weren’t cheap. According to Medtronic, if you cut out the right coupons, and don’t mind going for a low-tech, refurbished model, you can grab a vent for $5,000. State-of-the-art, however, costs as much as $50,000.

That’s a lot of zeros to justify.

Peter Koenig, whose bio says was “a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO),” recently wrote an open letter regarding the booming ventilator business. In it, he shares the story of a healthy, middle-aged man in Europe, who was put on a ventilator because his oxygen saturation was in the low 90s.

The ventilator ended up killing him.

He was married with a child.

At the Centre for Research on Globalization you can read the full account in Koenig’s letter — which he describes as “a warning, not to blindly trust authorities, nor the official COVID-narrative and COVID-science.”

Are such stories the forerunners of another ventilator epidemic, like we saw in in New York, last spring — hospitals needlessly intubating patients for what appeared to be financial reasons, not medical?

I pray not. Spread the word, so it doesn’t happen again.

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