You Call Me An “Anti-Vaxxer”?

You call me an “anti-vaxxer”?
I only follow the facts, sir,
while you, poor fool, got tricked
and the “vaccine” is making you sick.
The “vaccine” is a dangerous poison.
You still haven’t learned your lesson.
Go and do some research.
Get out of The Covidian Church.
The “vaccine” will harm you six ways till Sunday.
You might even be dead by Monday
or else it may kill you in two or three years
while you swallow the Media’s lies and fears
afraid of the latest hyped-up variant
afraid of the inconsequential scariant.
Get out of The Covidian Cult.
Start behaving like an adult,
not a brainwashed fool—
the New World Order’s willing tool.
You mockingly call me an “anti-vaxxer”
because you’re ignorant of the facts, sir.
If you knew them you would shun the jab
and you would stop your foolish gab
and you’d keep your children away from the shot
because you don’t want their blood to clot.
You don’t want them getting heart inflammation
from insane Nazi experimentation.
I’m not “anti-vax” per se
but your Covid clot-shot is NOT a vaccine.
It’s an unapproved genetic cocktail
killing infants, adults, and teens.
It’s a bioweapon, and it’s obscene.
To force it on someone is worse than mean…
It’s insane, to put it mildly
and you have strayed from morality wildly.
Please go do a little research
and exit your Covidian Church!
Once you know all the facts, sir,
you’ll want to join the anti-vaxxers
to stop the globalists’ hoax
that’s intended to wipe out millions of folks.

This originally appeared on State of the Nation.

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