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You Can Now Buy A Tiny Bulletproof Home For The Apocalypse 

You Can Now Buy A Tiny Bulletproof Home For The Apocalypse 

Whether it is the apocalypse or the US’s more immediate socio-economic collapse, sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, demand for doomsday bunkers has exploded. While only the ultra-wealthy can afford luxury doomsday condos buried hundreds of feet below the surface in old missile silos, millennials, who are mostly broke, have very little options to protect themselves from surging violence across major metros – until now. 

Already popular among the millennial generation are tiny homes, no thanks to the Federal Reserve who has unleashed a massive housing bubble this year, sending affordability to decade lows. 

This has allowed Argentina-based tiny homebuilder Grandio, to design and build prefab concrete tiny homes that cost around $75,000, and also these homes are bulletproof. 

“We are only in the early stages of our sales and marketing activities, but the interest we are getting from prospective buyers and partners is outstanding with requests flowing in every day,” Jose Martin, an architect at Grandio, told Business Insider

Martin said much of the inquiries for the tiny bulletproof home are coming from North America – comes at a time when the pandemic has unleashed a socio-economic bomb across major metros as hundreds of thousands of people living in cities rush to rural areas to escape the chaos. 

In November, WSJ noted that tiny home sales are increasing as people look for refuge during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Besides doomsday bunkers, it appears tiny bulletproof homes could be the next big trend as America, in less than one year, has transformed into a chaotic mess because of the virus pandemic. 

Tyler Durden
Thu, 01/07/2021 – 23:45

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