You Never Know

The other day I called my homie, Big Danny, and asked what he thought was gonna make all this COVID madness go away.

“A comet hitting the earth, and the human race starting all over again,” he said.

“Besides that.”

“A meteor.”

Danny and I have often spoken about Earth’s history of cosmic catastrophes, tales of lost worlds and end times shared by virtually every culture on the planet, how history works in cycles, as the Hopis, among others, have expounded. How the knowledge of the First Nations is as scientific as anything that has come afterward.

A little background before I plow ahead.

Big Danny, a boxing trainer and voracious reader, is my go-to expert on all matters social, historical, economic, and political, and anything in-between. The two of us came of age in the 60s and 70s, raised in the streets of the South Bronx, in New York City, when the ghetto-in-progress ignited on the world stage as an epicenter of mass poverty and relentless arson, where heroin flowed like an oil spill.

Yet it was also an era of deep change, of cultural pride, revolutionary thinking and action, amidst a community that had many shining moments, including the nourishing of Salsa music, and the birth of Hip-Hop.

Danny and I have grown to believe that there are multi-levels of smart: academic, political, spiritual, and intuitive. But especially street smart, that special type of knowing that combines intelligence with survival skills and a heightened sense of detecting bulls..t.

Since day one, we’ve both agreed that the official COVID narrative is reeking with bulls..t. And if that meant being called a “conspiracy theorist,” we accepted that as a badge of honor.

So there we were, talking about what it would take to end the “crazy-ass shit” going down. After acknowledging (yet another) possible apocalypse, we talked about the Matrix, aka the Mass Media, the corporate-owned entity that manufactures consent, and how there’s already plenty of resistance to the COVID virtual reality. It’s not about what we’re seeing and hearing, but about what we’re NOT hearing and seeing.

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