“You’re in our tribe and if you leave we are going to kill you.”

My province of Ontario announced today another “two-week” lockdown of its double-vaxed citizens in another futile attempt to stop the cold and flu season. Earlier today, over breakfast, Nicole and I were listening to the latest episode of the Just Right podcast, where Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever said:

We are not all in this together. There is no us. There is every individual. And the governments role is to make sure no one says, “You’re in our tribe and if you leave we are going to kill you.” The government role is to separate us so we can make decisions for ourselves in harmony with our neigbours, but not at the point of a gun by our neigbours.

The COVID cult is not content to mask up, lock down and triple vax themselves—they demand everybody else do the same. Today’s moral crisis is not one of whether to get vaxed or not, it’s about the freedom for everyone to make their own decisions about how to live their life—from what they read, when and where they work, to how they pray, to what they eat, to what they think and believe.

As Derek Sloan, leader of the Ontario Party, said today in his email newsletter:

The way forward is personal responsibility and leadership at all levels made up of those who realize that their job is to protect our freedoms, not to take them from us and then loan them out again at their pleasure.

Stay brave, true and… sane!
—John C. A. Manley

PS My forthcoming novel, Much Ado About Corona, is set in Ontario, and it’s my hope that it will help save my province (and my country) from these tyrants pretending to care about people’s health.

PPS You can listen to an abridged version of the interview with Paul McKeever at JustRightMedia.org.

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