Zelensky Involved In Car Crash, No Serious Injuries

Zelensky Involved In Car Crash, No Serious Injuries

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s car collided with another vehicle early Thursday after a battlefield visit, but he was not seriously injured, his spokesman said.

Zelenskyy was returning to Kyiv from the Kharkiv region, where he visited troops in the recaptured city of Izium. A passenger vehicle collided with the president’s motorcade in the Ukrainian capital, his spokesman, Sergii Nikiforov, said in a Facebook post.

The driver of the other vehicle received first aid from Zelenskyy’s medical team and was hospitalized. Medics examined the president, who suffered no serious injuries and was not taken to a hospital, Nikiforov wrote. He did not specify what injuries Zelenskyy might have suffered.

The spokesman added that the circumstances of the accident are under investigation.

The Ukrainian president was accompanied by French celebrity Bernard Henri-Levy.

Just left #Kryvyi Rih, home town of #Zelennskyy. I hear that #Moscow committed a new war crime. Bombing the dam. Flooding the city. And creating thousands of homeless people. For this, too, #Putin deserves to end his life in a jail. #StamdWithUkraine #SlavaUkraini pic.twitter.com/5fvnf6OZtP

— Bernard-Henri Lévy (@BHL) September 14, 2022

Zelenskyy was late in posting the nightly video address that he has given during the war, possibly because of the car accident, the AP reported.

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Wed, 09/14/2022 – 21:05

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