‘Zero COVID’ Catastrophe: Participating Nations See New Records Across The Board

‘Zero COVID’ Catastrophe: Participating Nations See New Records Across The Board

Authored by Jordan Schachtel via ‘Dossier’ substack,

Zero Covid, the idea that heavy-handed government edicts and population controls can permanently eliminate a coronavirus from a country, is now failing spectacularly everywhere it is being tried.

You might not read about it in western corporate press agencies, but Zero Covid nations are seeing explosions in Covid-19 cases across the board. The widely praised “success story” countries that followed the radical ideology that is Zero Covid have not only failed to contain a virus, but are now witnessing the uncontrolled spread of that virus in their population centers. The governments committed to this pseudoscientific, totalitarian adventure are scrambling for options, and responding by locking down their nations and further violating the rights of their citizens. The lid has flown off the Zero Covid pressure cooker, revealing the shortcomings of such a reckless ideological endeavor.

Let’s take a look at how “Zero Covid” nations are holding up:


Australia is arguably the most dedicated large nation to a Zero Covid strategy. The country has been closed off from the vast majority of the world since the beginning of COVID Mania. Even many Australian citizens have been unable to enter or leave the country. 

Australia has pursued so many lockdowns that it’s pretty much impossible to keep track of what number we’re currently at. Zero Covid has been an unmitigated disaster, as Canberra’s elimination strategy has unsurprisingly failed to permanently move cases to zero. 

Sydney announced today that they’re extending their lockdown again after the initial order & first extension failed to control the outbreak

I really do think they’re getting close though, maybe just a few thousand more lockdowns and they’ll finally eliminate COVID from the earth pic.twitter.com/IqaKkt1C6x

— IM (@ianmSC) July 14, 2021

On Thursday, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia’s two largest cities, enacted yet another lockdown. This will be Melbourne’s fifth lockdown in the span of a year and a half.

The Australian state of Victoria was ordered into a five-day lockdown following a spike in COVID-19 infections, joining Sydney as the country’s two main population hubs battle an outbreak of the highly contagious Delta variant https://t.co/W7GJvzzGpi pic.twitter.com/iap9AcUVHj

— Reuters (@Reuters) July 15, 2021

Australia’s lockdowns have been infamously ruthless.  In some places, lockdowns meant citizens were only allowed to leave their homes for one hour a day, and they were not allowed to travel outside of a certain radius from their homes. In many places, the act of protesting is illegal, and it will be met with by riot police. Australia has also enacted mandatory quarantine camps for citizens who are privileged enough to be allowed to return to the country.


Labeled a Zero Covid “success story” by the corporate press for its ultra stringent policies, cases are now exploding in Vietnam.

The government, in full panic mode, has responded by locking down major cities, only for the case count to continue to move upwards.

69 COVID-19 deaths announced as caseload tops 40,000 with record daily increasehttps://t.co/PLr1WtXhSS pic.twitter.com/shvbjXA22m

— Việt Nam News (@VietnamNewsVNS) July 15, 2021

Vietnam orders COVID-19 lockdown in Ho Chi Minh City https://t.co/b7ExJxmyoI pic.twitter.com/OE9hmXtGGw

— CNA (@ChannelNewsAsia) July 7, 2021

South Korea

Seoul set up one of the most intrusive Covid surveillance regimes in the world. Applauded by authoritarians as a country that had its priorities in order, South Korea was supposedly the model “contact tracing” nation. Today, South Korea is seeing record numbers across the board.

This week, the country has seen record case loads. Zero Covid has failed, and the government has responded by restricting rights even further.

South Korea’s daily COVID cases hit record high on variants.#COVID #coronavirus #vaccinehttps://t.co/kvllhnPjIF

— Nikkei Asia (@NikkeiAsia) July 14, 2021

Amid growing concerns over the more contagious Delta variant and a stagnating vaccine rollout, South Korea tightened restrictions across most of the country as new COVID-19 cases soared past previous daily peaks to 1,615 https://t.co/9QcYJcoJtu by @HeeShin pic.twitter.com/8h9DY2y5ZJ

— Reuters (@Reuters) July 14, 2021


Once a Zero Covid nation in good standing with the radical ideologue “public health experts,” the government in Singapore wised up and decided last month to drop the idea of forever eliminating a minimally threatening endemic virus.


China is lying about its COVID numbers and just about everything else. The Chinese Communist Party claims to be a Zero Covid participant, but in reality, Beijing has been fooling the world about mitigation and suppression “successes” since day one of Covid Mania.


Thailand, a widely praised “success story” for its strict lockdowns and other draconian policies in pursuit of Zero Covid, is setting its own Covid case records.

#Thailand‘s COVID-19 cases rose by 9,207 on Friday, the second-highest daily record since the start of the pandemic, as the country mulls to tighten social distancing rules once again to contain the surge in infections. pic.twitter.com/uQR1ltkoOd

— Newsflash GBA (@GbaNewsflash) July 9, 2021

New Zealand

New Zealand, which has been in a self siege since the beginning of 2020, remains completely committed to its Zero Covid elimination strategy. Like Australia, the country has set up quarantine camps for people who have been granted access to the nation. Due to isolation-related Covid “immunity debt,” the country is seeing skyrocketing hospitalizations among children, who are not threatened by Covid-19.

‘Doctors say children haven’t been exposed to range of bugs due to lockdowns, distancing and sanitiser and their immune systems are suffering’https://t.co/YdA0pYFpax

— Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) July 9, 2021

Free from Covid (for now), emergency rooms are said to be at a “breaking point” in the country, with the country dealing with unknown “winter illness.” It seems the Zero Covid fanatics have forgotten that there are still other ways to get sick.

‘There is no capacity’: Several emergency departments ‘at breaking point’ as winter illnesses overwhelm hospitals https://t.co/tiJk6IXCsf

— Newshub (@NewshubNZ) July 15, 2021

Kiwi officials have not even commenced discussions over how long they will remain committed to their self siege strategy. Their closed borders have resulted in a massive shortage among hospital staff.


Every country that has embraced the radical notion of Zero Covid has ended up failing to contain a virus and/or failing to accept that the costs of attempting to contain a virus have been exponentially worse than the benefits of containing the virus. The promised “cures” have been infinitely worse than the disease. There are no longer any “success stories” involving nations using tyrannical means in an attempt to stop a virus. Zero Covid, as any rational person could have predicted a long time ago, has failed in spectacular fashion.

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